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   Chapter 314 What A True Love Story

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Consuela didn't tell anyone that she had come back to the villa. When she came back with a few things, Miranda winked at her several times, suspecting that there was something wrong with her eyes.

She didn't come to her senses until the woman standing in front of her called her several times.

But she didn't dare to call her Mrs. Richie.

Because recently, Mr. Richie always threw his clothes on the ground at will. As a thrifty maid, she certainly dared not take it lightly and picked it up immediately.

Then the maid smelled the strange perfume. The light but not tacky odor could make people allergic and sneeze. It could be guessed that the person who sprayed perfume should have a very distinctive style.

But the pregnant lady would never make fun of her belly and touch such things.

The man demanded for wine. Her eyes changed, but that couldn't be changed.

So when she saw the hostess of the villa coming back, she felt a little embarrassed. She didn't know whether Mrs. Richie had found out about Mr. Richie' private life.

But she couldn't just tell her directly, "Mrs. Richie, do you know that Mr. Richie may have an affair?"

She thought that she would be fired by Mr. Richie so easily and that she would not be able to stay here.

When she stole a glance at Consuela who was wearing a calm face, Miranda cautiously asked, "Mrs. Richie where have you been these days?"

However, to his surprise, Consuela didn't get any reply as she had expected. Instead, she asked in reply, "Has Mr. Richie stayed out all night recently?"

She asked calmly, as if she really didn't know anything. However, Miranda was shocked. She thought that as Mrs. Richie asked such a question, she must have found something abnormal.

Holding the luggage tightly in her hand, she forced a smile on her face and said, "Mr. Richie goes back home every day, no matter how late it is."

Every day when he came back, he would be dragged or drunk awkwardly. However, Mr. Richie had ma

e, "...."

After randomly ordering a few dishes, Angie put both of her hands on the table and looked up at the calm man. "I thought you would never forgive me after the meal last time."

The things that Richie hated the most now were the trifles three years ago.

Richie shook his head. Just as the dishes were served, he sat down a little and said, "If I keep hating you, it will make me feel petty."

"……" His words made Angie think that he was not a petty person. She kept silent for two seconds, but did not speak any more.

"I know that three years ago..."

"Hush, let bygones be bygones. Those who keep their memories do not deserve the future."

Stunned for a few seconds, Angie chuckled, "Yes, we have ample time."

the coming days would be long? Richie shook his head in disagreement in his heart. Once he got the answer he wanted, it would never happen again.

He had a woman who was unforgettable in the past. Without that temptation, he just wanted to stay away from her forever.

It was impossible for him to miss an old friend.

"Angie, what can make a person still love another person?"

"…… Maybe when you're deeply in love with her. " After receiving an unsatisfied shaking of his head, she continued, "Perhaps after going through thousands of hardships and separation from each other."

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