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   Chapter 313 Back To The Villa

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Angie's face was slightly stiff, but she was not too rude. She just slightly pressed her lips. Her tearful appearance was very charming to arouse the protection of the arrogant man.

For example, the man in the leather chair who often looked at people with his nostrils.

The man's face changed unhappily a little, and immediately said for Angie, "That's enough for you."

The implication was that he didn't care if she had made it herself.

Cassie gave him a cold smile and replied, "Maybe she has gotten the prescription from the cook. So what money can't do these days?"

All of a sudden, she sighed with emotion. Then she turned to Angie and said happily, "I'm sorry. I was being too serious."

Angie's face was still dark, but it was much more relaxed than before. She smiled faintly and squinted her eyes. "It doesn't matter. We don't need to be so polite."

They need to face their enemies with indifference.

Cassie nodded her head. Then she took Tim's hand and was about to leave. "Since I have drunk the soup, I'll let Tim invite me to dinner. I'll have to go now. See you later."

The corners of Tim's mouth twitched and then he left with her, although he had known well how shameless this woman could be.

Only by removing the obstacle, those two who had been surging like hormones in the office could they be more intimate.

When the door of the office was about to be closed, Cassie heard what Richie said to comfort her, "Don't take it too seriously. It's not the first time that you know Cassie's impulsive and suspicious personality."

The woman, who was usually impetuous and suspicious, pursed her lips hard and then shut the door with all her strength, making their ears hurt.

'Well, don't be so rash. You don't have to apologize to that man.'

Tim looked at the woman who was like a child throwing a tantrum, and then smiled strangely. "Sometimes what your eyes see and ears hear

that she was going to leave, Debbie was the first one to disagree. She asked, "Where can you go now?"

She assumed that she probably wanted to go back to the Xia Clan, or probably to stay with Richie.

"To the child's father's home." With a smile, Consuela touched her belly and said sadly, "I can wait for him to apologize, but he won't be able to."

It was getting closer and closer to the expected date of childbirth, but Cassie kept calling her to tell her that if she didn't go back home, she would probably become the former Mrs. Richie of the Ye Clan.

Although the tone of the person involved much exaggeration, it was not a good thing for her to stay here all the time when Debbie was accompanied by Baron.

Debbie stood up excitedly and reached out her hand. "What are you going to do there? If he doesn't pick you up, I won't let you go."

When she was about to stretch her hand, she was intercepted by the man beside. "Since you have made up your mind, then we respect your decision," Baron said.

Since Consuela was now staying there, he couldn't do anything reckless anymore.

Although he sympathized with her, he didn't want to hold himself back, so he had to first break the bridge and lock it.

"Well, thank you for taking care of me these days."

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