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   Chapter 311 Bullshit

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All the witnesses indicated that the person who could make the pregnancy test two red bars was the one he was thinking about.

Debbie frowned and looked at the man who was speaking calmly. There was an obvious dislike in her eyes, but the tips of her ears listened to what she thought at the bottom of her heart, slowly becoming red.

"It's lucky that you don't have a heart attack. Otherwise, you would have illness inside."

However, Baron didn't seem to care about it at all. He looked at her for a few seconds and then said with a smile, "I was just given the joy of being a father all of a sudden..."

After thinking for a long time, he couldn't find a word to describe it. That sudden surprise was always a test of his mental endurance.

"I was scared stiff. I didn't see you so immature before." Debbie took a grape out of the fruit basket on the tea table and put it into his mouth, which was slightly open.

Since Consuela was pregnant, she would prepare some fruits from time to time in her room.

With a dry smile, Baron chewed the grape that the woman sent to him. Then he took up Debbie's hand and used his fingers to estimate the circumference of her ring finger.

"You seem to have gained a little weight recently. Maybe you can't put on the ring I prepared before."

Baron frowned his brows, as if he was in a little bit of trouble. He did frighten the woman who only cared about the fruits.

She just said that he was an immature man. But this man was not only immature, but also just a lunatic. How could he know that she would marry him, and even prepared a ring for her?

Debbie looked at him with a pitiful look, seeming to be a little sad. "Later, let's go to the supermarket to buy something."

Not feeling well on intuition, Baron tightened her lips and said, "Why are you going to the supermarket? If you need anything, I will call someone to bring it here."

"To buy some walnut for you to replen

lavicle, which was beautiful in shape and bulged on the smooth and white skin. It was not hard to realize that he was seducing her just by such an act.

But Cassie had given the man many treatment, from small to large. She had even bullied him all over the body. Except for the size of that thing, there was nothing to be hidden.

Looking at this uninhibited man, Cassie got angry and said, "I tell you. You'd better not be so arrogant. One day you will cry."

The man who pulled the collar of his shirt froze a little, and the color of his eyes dimmed. He forced himself to smile, so he stopped pretending. He loosened his hand and looked at Cassie with a faint smile.

"If something happens to us then you will probably not be with Tim."

Knowing that this man was shameless, Cassie sneered, turned around and walked a few steps forward. She stood in front of the man's desk and thumped it so hard.

"Haha, my sincerity has moved the heaven and earth. You can't change my fortune even if you try hard."

What she hated most in her life were those people who tried to make her and Tim impossible.

"It's a pity that the falling flowers pine for love, while the heartless brook babbles on." Richie said with a complacent smile, as he slowly tied the buttons again.


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