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   Chapter 307 Mistress

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At night, the faces of the four people were not very good, and Richie sat at the head of the table. There were some light dishes in front of them on the table, yet they were really eye-catching.

Meanwhile, Cassie was called back to the hospital by some staffs because of her work. But when she had settled the matter, she immediately hurried there.

Something was not right on their faces when she opened the door of the box Richie personally selected.

Angie stood up naturally and said with a smile, "Cassie, come and order. We are waiting for you."

She naturally glanced at Tim next to their table. What she hinted was so obvious that the man sitting on the host seat coughed.

Angie smiled. It seemed that they hadn't been together yet. They had been together three years ago, but Tim had been pretending to be deaf and dumb. And the relationship between them was not so strange.

When she wanted to be alone or do something, her attitude would be a little cold, but normally it was good.

Cassie sighed, "I'm really sorry. I had an emergency in the hospital, so I just finished the surgery."

She looked tired, but she didn't stop, in order to let Richie and Angie keep a distance from each other.

She sympathized with Consuela and considered her as her true friend. However, she had disliked Angie since three years ago after she had made Richie a pain in the ass.

But now, she came back with a conspiracy which made her even more panic.

"You arrived just in time. We are early." Angie said thoughtfully, but the other two beside the table didn't say a word.

Tim kept silent as if he was afraid that the Pearl would drop from the ground from his hand.

Richie was still coughing slightly. Hearing that, Cassie frowned when she took the menu to order. "The medicine you need to take for three days. It depends on your health condition. Then get ready for the following treatment."

"But you'd better not work too hard these days, it will have a bad influence on your condition."

As soon as she finis

ance. She really didn't know what kind of expression the woman was talking in such a calm tone.

However, the color of Consuela's face was still the same as when she just woke up. It hadn't changed at all, and there was no other color in her eyes.

It seemed that she had really given up on that man.

"… In fact, I really don't think it's a big deal. It's just that if they have reconciled, the existence of the child will be more embarrassing."

Cassie was silent, not knowing what to say. At this moment, Consuela smiled at the other end of the phone and said, "I'm sorry. I might be a little sad. But don't worry about me. I just feel like I'm going to die."

'Maybe I have done so many evils in my previous life that I have to face the largest creditor now.'

"Don't worry, Consuela. I've always been on your side, and even Richie is not going to accept it," said Cassie.

So she didn't have to be so pessimistic.

"When I want to divorce in the future, you must help me grab the custody of the child. I have to go to open the door. I must hang up now."

The phone was hung up, and soon it became a busy tone.

Just then, Cassie walked out of the washroom, shaking her head. She saw Richie who was washing hands. Like an angry cat, she exclaimed, "Why are you here?"

"I thought the public toilet meant everyone can come to use."

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