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   Chapter 306 The Troublemaker

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In the end, the four of them sat on the sofa in Richie's lounge, staring at each other.

After he finished the work stuff, Tim was a little worried. Although it was two women and one man, they were very good at acting.

After struggling for a long time, he finally gave up the tedious work at hand and was about to escort that cruel hearted patient.

So there were some people watching helplessly together.

Angie came here empty handed. She didn't know the man was a patient when she was on the way to Sruthan Building, so she didn't bring anything with her.

At this moment, the eyes of the three people sitting in front of her were glancing at her. The smile on her face was somewhat broken, but it was not good to put on other expressions.

Cassie smiled, trying to ease the atmosphere, "It's late now. Richie is about to finish his infusion. We haven't seen each other for a long time. How about finding a place to have a good meal?"

Nobody knew that her hands in the sleeves had been clenched tightly.

Cassie was the first one to nod. Although now there were several bright light bulbs, her initial idea could still be realized.

She looked at Tim and smiled heartily, "I'm OK. But I have a patient here today. I'll listen to him."

After a moment's silence, Tim nodded his head and said, "Okay, I will do as Richie says."

So in the end, all of the four people followed Richie's idea and went to a Sichuan restaurant not far from here, which was quite an ordinary place.

However, due to his health condition, he was not allowed to eat the food. So he had to eat the porridge that the shop assistant brought.

"You are a stingy rich man, but why do you only buy these things for us as your treat?"

This dinner was supposed to be a reception for Angie, anyway. But now it was totally ruined by the mean man.

After she had the experience that she had a cup of coffee with the person and had to pay by herself, she kept calm and a smile was even on her lip

n the table, which was so sour that he almost felt frustrated.

Cassie twitched her mouth and didn't want to talk to him. It was this stingy man who brought them here for dinner, but it was him that always complained.

It was really unbearable.

"Richie, your porridge is getting cold." There was no gloating tone in Tim's words. Instead, he seemed quite concerned about Richie's health. After Richie heard the words, he only wanted to rip off his face.

He glanced at him with a faint smile, and his eyes turned to Angie, who did not look at him.

Suddenly, he felt more frustrated.

She had promised him that she would try her best to seduce him. But why did she give up her attempt at all!

Halfway through the hot pot, Angie suddenly stopped and said with a smile, "It's my treat for this lunch."

With a pair of disposable bamboo chopsticks in his hand, Richie raised his eyebrows slightly when he heard she would pay for it. "Then I'll pay the bill tonight."

The conspiracy between them was too obvious. Cassie twitched her mouth, abandoned her face, and prepared to step in again.

"All right. I've been ready to rip him off a long time ago."

She was talking so happily that she didn't notice the colorful expressions of the other three people beside the table and was absorbed in her own world.

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