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   Chapter 301 Don't Panic (1)

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Hearing what she said, Debbie burst into tears again, "We had a quarrel since then. It was very fierce."

Sitting next to her, Consuela didn't know what to do except giving her a tissue as she was crying.

"Don't cry, don't cry. If Moore knows that you are pregnant, he will be responsible for you."

"But I don't want to be responsible for him!"

"…… Who on earth started the quarrel that day?"

"… You can guess. "

Taking a deep breath, Consuela stood up and took her phone out of her pocket. She unlocked her phone and began to look for Baron's number.

"Consuela, if you call him, we won't be friends anymore." Debbie stared at the woman in front of her calmly, without fearing that she would be able to see her pale lips.

Letting out a long sigh, Consuela sneered, "As your friend, do you think I should watch you make mistakes?"

Neither of them said a word. Putting the phone in Debbie's hand, Consuela sat down on the sofa in front of her and closed her eyes.

"Consuela, I..."

"You don't need to say anything now. I'm afraid I can't help but slap you in the face so that your parents won't recognize you."


Debbie couldn't help but burst into laughter, as if she had found something funny. Consuela didn't say anything, only staring at her.

She thought she could smile to death. Anyway she was such a person who was so annoying.

She somehow felt sorry for that warm hearted man with a cold face at this moment. It was really not easy for him to fall in love with such an insensitive woman.

However, this blockhead had her own dirty thoughts. She felt that whatever she thought was best for her.

With a smile in her eyes, she said, "I've never seen Consuela be so rude. It is an eye-opener."

"I'm surprised that you are so stubborn and unreasonable." Shrugging her shoulders, Consuela stared at Debbie who was smiling broadly at her as if she was telling a lie.

But it's a pity that the baby in her belly was not willi

ng her mouth in the bathroom, so Consuela could hear a slight rustle of water and suppressed cries.

"You deserve it." Consuela gave a reasonable comment.

She had looked around in her rental room and found that all the things of Baron were gone, including his lighter, his towels and so on.

She really didn't know how fierce the fight between the two was.

After Debbie had stayed in the bathroom for one hour, Consuela finally felt that something was wrong with her. She pushed the door open and saw Debbie huddling in the corner.

The first sentence in her voice was, "Consuela, I don't want a baby."

Consuela held back the urge to slap her across the face and helped her stand up again. The bathroom was filled with mist, and she felt uncomfortable.

"Are you really not going to contact him?" Consuela said casually as she wiped her wet long hair with a towel. She didn't care whether the hair on her hand was lost too much.

"I've blocked his phone number, but he can also send messages..."

However, Baron had never sent her any words.

After hearing what Debbie had said, Consuela didn't know what to say. Who said that Debbie didn't love him? It was just that her love was always more sensitive than ordinary people's.

"Don't panic. Maybe he is still regretting what happened that day."

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