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   Chapter 298 A Warning (3)

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Tim was a hidden master as he had often heard the words of evil and cannons from Richie.

Maybe he had always been an honest and serious assistant, so he always made people forget that if he really fought with others, he could fight for more than three hundred rounds.

His words made Angie's face turn pale. The smile on her face became stiff. But she still looked at him calmly, as if she was looking at a dead person.

"I'm sorry. It was all my fault. I came back this time to ask him to forgive me and let go of everything in the past." Angie paused and began to play friendship card.

"It seems that we were good friends three years ago, but now it seems that we are not as close as before."

"Don't try to get close to me. I'm very busy right now," said Tim, wriggling his wrists

"And the reason why I became friends with you before is that my boss told me that his woman could not stand others' contempt. But now, Miss Angie, I think we have finished our cooperation."

Tim swayed his chin as he finished his words, but Angie didn't understand what he meant. She turned around and raised her chin as Tim did, only to find that Tim pointed to the gate of Sruthan Building.

He was asking her to get out of here quickly.

When he saw the gloomy face of the person on the opposite side and thought that she would lose her temper, Angie suddenly turned to him and gave him a light smile. Then she said, "It's late. I don't want to bother you, Mr. Tim. I have to go now."

"… You have changed a lot." Tim was silent for a while, then touched his chin, and said emotionally.

As far as she could remember, Angie was very disobedient. She always took others' words as the wind in her ear unless Richie was there.

She was a stubborn and pitiful little girl who was resistant to anyone's approaching. She entered the heart of the man called Richie, and no one was able to get close to her since th

y beautiful."

She had seen a lot of women who wanted to get close to her, including the high-class socialites and the actresses who were constantly rolling in the entertainment circle. However, no one was more elegant than her.

The receptionist was very jealous of Mrs. Richie when she heard her question.

To her surprise, Angie blinked her eyes and said confidently, "She is not as beautiful as me."

Receptionist, "..."

Then, Angie was invited out politely. When she was about to leave, she met Tim. They chatted for a while.

When she left the company, Angie had a feeling that what she said was reasonable. Last time, in the cafe, she had been discreetly and secretly observing Consuela. She was not outstanding.

Compared with her, his wife was just like a bowl of millet congee. And she also found that they were very similar. When they smiled, there would be a pair of deep dimples.

At that time, she was very confident that Richie would not give up on her, but he was afraid of his own image, so he was not willing to say more.

'If I want to complete the mission assigned by him, I have to be very cheeky, and have a heartless attitude. No matter what happened, I won't be angry.'

Although she tried to hold back her killing intent sometimes.

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