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   Chapter 296 A Warning (1)

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She knew how serious his relapse was, though he was tall and strong. If she hadn't seen him faint before, she wouldn't have been terrified!

But he liked to flaunt his superiority.

"Why don't you want to take the medicine?"

"It's uncomfortable."

"……" It was much better than when he was suffering from the disease. She really wanted to beat this unreasonable man.

The man and the woman, who were listening to their conversation, broke out in a cold sweat on their foreheads.

"It has been a long time since you took care of the company yourself. I am always there to help you." Tim said with a cold face.

People who didn't know him would think that his boss had lost his soul.

"That's a problem." The man nodded at him in a sincere manner, holding his chin. Then he patted on his shoulder, as if to comfort him.

"I trust you, Tim. Let go and do it!"

Tim's face turned deathly pale. He let go and do it, while the man was enjoying himself with his woman outside. What could he do?

He didn't feel reconciled.

With a twitch of her mouth, Cassie leaned over to Consuela and whispered in her ear, "You don't want to see this man, do you?"

Consuela nodded. She didn't like to stay with a man like him all the time.

Cassie's eyes lit up when she heard that. She smiled and said, "After he recovers, you can see him less and let him make money in the company."

"That's a good idea." Consuela's eyes lit up with excitement.

Although it was obvious that she was suspicious of pushing this man away, she really had no patience to get along with him recently.

Besides, she noticed that Richie had changed a lot. He shouldn't have been so humble.

The three of them tried to persuade Richie. In the end, the man with a faint smile on his face only smiled at Consuela, and then nodded in agreement.

He was willing to put the risk for her. After all, there would be many changes in the relationship between them, if

he new or old handwriting on the bookshelf were soaked in the warm sunshine.

"Tell me, what do you think I should do to Angie now?" said Richie, who leaned back against the chair with a bright smile.

His gesture was so exaggerated and tempting that anyone who saw him would feel full of longing, especially for Tim, who had to clean up the mess for him day and night.

He was so jealous that his eyes turned red. He couldn't have a good rest since he had to take care of the company. But the boss always fooled his wife around.

Richie was not the man he used to be.

It was said that the boss was fixed and the employees were mobile.

"What's wrong with you? Are you dumb? Find yourself a seat. "

Looking at the frozen Tim, Richie raised his eyebrows with displeasure. When he finished, the person who should have stayed, quickly sat down.

The speed was so fast that he almost poked the pen in his hand into his forehead.

"Richie, I saw Consuela." Sitting next to the window, he tilted his head a little and saw that there were two women, Consuela and Cassie.

The two were very close to each other and they said something. The two of them were smiling gorgeously. The maid beside them looked anxious.

"Do you want to come here to have a look? Consuela laughed happily."

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