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   Chapter 292 Talk About Work With The Beauty

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Richie was a conceited man, but at this moment, he knew clearly that he had made a mistake.

The only thing he didn't know was why Consuela had refused to trust him.

Suddenly, he found it difficult to deal with the work. He pinched his eyebrows and looked up at the woman sitting opposite him.

Wendy asked with concern, "What's wrong? What kind of problem did you encounter? "

She had put too much energy on this son, and finally, he lived up to her expectations and became a person like this.

His character was a little bit tricky, unlike hers or his father's, which was probably because his genes were mutated.

"Mom, I just want to ask you that what you had done to make the two of us, who were getting well along with each other not long ago, suddenly... She didn't trust me?"

He squeezed the last few words out of his teeth, but it was too much for him to bear.

Looking at the man's eager for more information, Wendy complained in her heart. How could she answer it? But she could not bear to let him down when she saw the strong desire for information in the eyes of Richie.

So she gathered her thoughts and prepared to talk nonsense.

"There are many ways to make people lose trust. But the reason why you were still in a good relationship with her a few minutes ago must be that she was not good to you before."

As soon as she finished her words, she could only see that Richie's face was getting darker and darker, and his signature pen in his hand was in great danger.

Richie felt his throat itchy, and his voice was a little hoarse. "Is there any other answers?"

"What's more, that person gave up loving you before, and now she encountered more serious grievances."

As she said this, she felt like she was grabbing some salt and pressed it down her son's wound.

Richie's face was originally black, but now it was a little pale, as if he had suffered a great injustice, which made her feel distressed.

The sudden showing of weakness or deep sorrow of the man who never gave his weakne

also want you to see a totally different me."

Right at this moment, the man picked up the menu on the table and the waitress came to serve.

Maybe there was a man like this in the world. He was so outstanding that no one dared to see him when she met him.

She was afraid of blasphemy in her eyes, and also of the man's displeasure.

After a while, the waitress finished writing the menu with concern. When she left the room, she looked at the man's profile for a few seconds.

All of a sudden, she sighed. Originally, she felt that the woman sitting inside the room earlier could be described as a gorgeous painting, and had become a world of beauty. However, she suddenly felt that this man was more outstanding than the woman.

He didn't know whether he ignored her words on purpose or just felt that there was no important meaning in her words.

Angie blushed and lowered her head. A ferocious expression appeared in her eyes and turned into a smile when nobody noticed it.

'Humph, one day, I will conquer this man thoroughly from my body to my heart.'

After ordering, the man rotated the turntable and filled his glass with wine. He looked at the red liquid casually.

He asked slowly, "Is there any progress in the matter I gave you?"

She didn't like to be pulled forward to discuss work when she was dressed up like this.

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