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   Chapter 291 The One Who Would Give Birth To The Child For Him

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It seemed that it lived a better life than her.

Resting her hands on the table, Consuela lowered her head to look at the cage in front of her, and then raised her hand to open the cage for it. "Aren't you going to run?" she asked.

Even if she opened the door of the cage for the squirrel, it was just holding the nuts blankly, moved his ear, and turned around leisurely.

Consuela's eyes were fixed on its fur. She stretched out her hand to smooth the fur. Noticing that Consuela was in a good mood, Miranda said in a peaceful voice, "No matter what kind of thing is locked up for a long time, it will get used to it and be dependent on it."

Moreover, the life here was much better than that when it was drifting from place to place. Of course, it would not want to leave.

"It feels so good to depend on it."

In that case, she had been unwilling to forgive Richie. Was it because she had seen through his personality and knew what kind of person he was that she was unwilling to listen to what people close to him said?

When Debbie received her message, she was eating a piece of bread, but it hadn't been eaten yet. The bread with cream on it didn't taste delicious, but she finally ate the soft bread.

"Consuela! Why do you have to give up so easily! ! ! I look down on you! ! !"

The man sitting not far from her was trying on makeup. He and the makeup artist were talking some professional questions. Instead of disturbing the two people who shared the same goal, she only sent a message.

The exclamation marks in her mind were enough to show her shock and disapproval.

Now that Consuela had come back to Richie's villa, did she want to forgive him?!

After sending the message for a long time, she got a reply from the other end of the line, saying that she dared not refuse to Richie's mother.

Debbie snorted, "You needn't be afraid of anything. You will lead a happy life because of the child. Do you understand?"! !

Resting her chin on her hand,

retting what she had said.

Richie comforted her, "Mom, don't worry. She is not a person who likes to complain everyone. Maybe she has forgotten what you just said."

But it was useless to say so. Wendy got to know that Richie was going to the company and got on his car by the way. She was ready to go back to the Ye's house.

Sitting in the limo, Wendy was always the type of woman who thought of a lot of things. She looked at her son who was putting up a rack and writing pen in the opposite side, calculating what he was thinking about.

Wendy asked, "Is Angie in your company or somewhere else?"

There was a moment of silence. Then he slowly raised his head, but he didn't give a clear answer. He just snorted and said, "What? Mom, are you interested in this?"

She would mind it if it had become an extramarital affair or an office romance.

"What do you mean? Do you acquiesce it?"

"No." Angie didn't take any position in his company, and he didn't want her to go crazy either.

He had hesitated for a moment before he saw Angie, but the moment he saw Angie, and then he saw Consuela's face go pale.

He knew that between his wife and that woman, he had chosen the woman who was willing to give birth to a baby for him.

He felt sorry for Consuela, but he seemed to have done something wrong.

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