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   Chapter 289 Angie Came Back

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The two women sitting at the long table had an odd atmosphere before Richie went downstairs.

"Consuela, I think you might have misunderstood Richie,"

Was that a misunderstanding? Consuela didn't think there was any misunderstanding between them.

He used to lie to her the date he had come back from abroad. But she happened to see him tryst with his ex-girlfriend in a cafe. What a big misunderstanding!

She said, "If mother says it's a misunderstanding, then it's just a misunderstanding."

However, Consuela didn't seem to try to fight against them. She looked the most harmless, but also the most dangerous.

Because no one knew when she would blow up the resentment gathered in her heart.

If that happened, who could bear the consequences?

"Consuela, I want to say something that you might not like to listen to. Now that you have already married Richie, you should understand his difficulties more. Many things are not as real as what you see with your eyes."

Because what she saw was only a passerby, not taking a panoramic view of the whole scene, it was easy for her to have a serious deviation on the opinions of things.

She always had excessive trust in her son.

Pursing her lips, Consuela said, "Mom, I know you're in favor of him. I'm also in favor of my intuition and eyes."

Looking at the woman in front of her, who was determined not to forgive Richie, Wendy pressed her lips and shook her head, not knowing what to say.

"Consuela, listen to me. I don't mean to let your relationship get worse,"

Both of them felt so sad when they quarreled.

"I'm sorry, mom. I was too extreme just now." Consuela lowered her head and sighed resignedly. She wasn't aggressive anymore.

Now she realized that no matter what happened, everyone would try their best to make her forgive Richie.

"Mom, what would you do if you saw dad's ex-girlfriend having dinner with him and he lied to you that he was at work?"

Wendy was suffocated for a moment and could say nothing. Sh

bowl, Consuela was in a fret. With a faint smile, she said, "Thank you."

She put all the dishes into the little bowl with soup, and she didn't touch the dishes until she left the dining table.

The other two persons sitting at the table looked very good. They looked up at each other, and at last there was nothing but helplessness in their eyes.

In fact, Wendy really felt that his son was going too far this time. He had his wife and child and was not a child anymore, but he still drank coffee with his ex-girlfriend.

At this time, she did not know who his ex-girlfriend was. She just thought it was some unknown star or model.

She had managed to get the information of Richie and Consuela because he had been drunk. Otherwise, her son would not have told her anything.

After dinner, Consuela refused them to go with her. She went for a walk alone in the garden.

Watching the receding figure of Consuela, Richie said to Miranda who was standing beside him, "Go and bring a coat to Mrs. Richie."

If he went there, the woman might not be willing to accept it.

Wendy looked at her slightly aggrieved son, and said with a smile, "What have you done to deserve this?"

Without saying a word, he just watched Consuela's figure from his sight. After a while, his lips trembled as he opened his mouth, "Angie came back."

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