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   Chapter 287 Coward

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He finally let go of her. Consuela heaved a sigh and put her hands on the cart again. He had something to tell her, but she suddenly didn't want to listen to him anymore.

Consuela's seductive eyes met Richie's deep coloured eyes. She suddenly came to herself and concealed all her expressions.

Although she seemed to be easy-going now, she still didn't want to be too close to this man.

Angie was like a thorn in her heart. She could no longer communicate with this man well. Now she just wanted to find an excuse to leave.

Richie looked around and smiled, "The supermarket isn't a good place for people to exchange ideas. How about we talk in another place?"

The corners of Consuela's eyes twitched. She pushed the shopping cart forward and said, "I think the supermarket is a good place. Let's just talk here."

Well, another place? If so, she would have to be subdued at once. Judging from his eyes, she knew that she could not agree him easily.

Unable to make a response, the man simply furrowed his brows as he noticed the stern look on her face.

"How have you been these days?"

"Not bad."

Everything went well without his involvement.

However, when she went to the nearby hospital for a general check-up, the doctor looked at her with a strange expression in his eyes.

"Consuela, I..."

"If you don't want to explain, just go. I'm so annoyed to see you."

Consuela said in a calm voice as she put a bottle of body wash into the cart with more strength. She was unfriendly to the man.

"Why did you buy so many things?" When he saw the necessities in the cart, his face changed slightly.

He wanted to push the cart for her but was refused directly.

There was a hint of provocation in her eyes. "I'll stayed here for a long time, so I have to buy something," she added.

"Consuela, aren't you going home?"

Raising her eyebrows, Consuela retorted aggressively, "You're such an annoying man. Why do I go back there?

om. He was so scared that he almost broke out in a cold sweat.

"Oh, thank you. I just want to sweep the living room."

Consuela waved her hand, rolled up her sleeves, and watched the man sweep the floor quickly. There was a dash of surprise in her eyes.

As a man with high social status, he was very accustomed to cleaning, which was not in keeping with the temperament he showed before.

After he cleaned the floor and put the things they bought into the fridge in different ways, and cleaned every place that should be cleaned, Consuela went back to the villa with him.

There was no reason to enslave this man again.

When she sat in the silver grey sports car, she remembered that she should call Debbie to inform her. When she turned on her phone, the phone was completely stuck.

Urgent calls and unread messages flooded towards the screen Consuela's hand trembled with her phone in her hand.

Pursing her lips, she looked at the man on the driver's seat and the light in her eyes dimmed.

Whatever he did, it was his fault. She shouldn't have made the compromise.

Or, she was afraid of something.

'Consuela, you are such a coward. Even in this situation, you still don't have the guts to lose your temper!'

Holding the phone between her fingers, Consuela thought to herself.

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