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   Chapter 285 Be Enlightened

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Richie, sitting on a sofa, lowered his eyes, did not feel excited at all. He just nodded slightly and said, "Later, you will go to the finance department to write a check, and the vacation will be settled for you tomorrow."

It seemed that he didn't expect that Richie would be so generous. With his eyes widened, Baron nodded with satisfaction.

"I'm not used to seeing you suddenly become so righteous."

The man standing behind Richie felt heartbroken. A cruise ship must be expensive. How could he just give it out so easily?

"If I haven't reconciled with your sister-in-law, you must pay double." Richie suddenly looked up and laughed sinisterly.

Instead of being scared by him, Baron just smiled faintly. He thought it was a dream to have it back.

After that deal, he went straight back to the rented house, and now he was discussing the gains and losses with both sides, like an experienced man.

"If you keep staying with Richie like this, you will get yourself into trouble. You'd better go back home as soon as possible and find a way to get rid of other woman so that you can take over everything."

Noticing the paleness on the woman's face, Debbie became obstinate and decided to stand on the side of Baron.

"Consuela, don't you have a little bit of fighting spirit?"

Consuela put down her chopsticks and stared straight at his brown eyes. "You are exposing my location."

It was a brief statement.

Baron raised his eyebrows, but he did not deny it. Debbie was unable to see what was going on. She suddenly figured it out, turned her head and looked at Baron. "You bastard, traitor for wealth!"

Her hand was trying to twist his neck, but was easily captured on the halfway. "Do you want to hold a candle to the devil?"

After a moment of silence, Debbie turned her head around and decided to comfort her, "Consuela, you can stay determined this time."

Debbie took up the chopsticks again and was about to pick up food for them. She twitched her eyes a

e, the man was of the same character.

At night, Debbie jumped onto the bed of her bedroom with a human sized doll and cross legged took a look at the woman sitting at the computer desk with a mouse without any intention.

"Consuela, are you going to throw in the towel?"

Just then, a voice from Debbie broke the silence. Then, Consuela clicked on the website.

She had no choice but to leave there quickly. Then she turned around to look at Debbie. She moved her thin lips and wanted to say something, but the last sentence was mixed into a long sigh.

Then the doll was thrown out of her arms. With one of her hands supporting her waist, she stood up and flicked on Consuela's head. Luckily, it wasn't hit hard, and Consuela let out a cry.

"Debbie, what are you doing?"

Debbie replied calmly, "I just wanted to see if I could give you some insight. But it didn't seem to work."

"Screw you!" Consuela rubbed her forehead and her face was full of helplessness. Perhaps it was because that as a pregnant woman herself, it was easy for her to get sentimental.

She cupped her face with hands and looked at Debbie, "What do you think can I get if I ask for a divorce now?"

"What the hell? Have I dredged your brain by wielding my fingers? You are so enlightened and think of divorce."

Debbie was delighted.

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