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   Chapter 281 Misunderstand

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"Consuela, what are you doing?"

"Don't ask so many questions. Let's go first."

Consuela rolled her eyes. Obviously, she didn't want to talk this topic any longer.

However, Debbie wasn't a smart person. She didn't know what had caused Consuela to be depressed and perplexed.

It was rare for her to be smart. She asked quietly, "have you seen anything?"

The woman was about to leave with something in her hand. She paused slightly, and her eyelashes trembled. She didn't say anything, and neither did she know what to say.

"What the hell did you see, Consuela? You've been trying to torture yourself!" She turned Michelle's head to her and forced her to look at her.

She just couldn't stand the fact that Consuela was so weak that anyone could bully her. She really wanted to get her back.

However, Consuela had hidden a lot of things from others, and she wasn't willing to tell anyone about those things.

With a smile, Consuela pulled Debbie's hand away and said in a low voice, "I'm really fine. Let's go."

The seat she was sitting now was a little secluded. As long as she didn't speak very loudly, it was difficult for others to find her.

But she didn't know whether Richie and Angie had left or they chose a seat a little far away from them.

She had a bad feeling. She pouted her lips and said unhappily, "if you don't make it clear to me today, I won't go."

No matter what Consuela said, Debbie was as composed as a statue. She just wanted to punch her. Judging from her reaction, she could tell that she was determined to teach her a lesson, but she didn't think that it was a good timing to bring it up?

However, she had no choice but to ask the waiter for a cup of cappuccino.

She only hoped that Richie and Angie would leave as soon as possible. She didn't want them to bump into each other.


heir trip, and that he would accompany her for a while before the trip ended.

He thought over the consequences and agreed.

Perhaps it was because he had been separated from her for the past three years that he had no feelings for her any more. However, the woman who could make him smile should be at home reading something at the moment.

At the beginning, he had asked his men to go down the stairs and pick up a stack of books.

Seeing the gentleness in that person's eyes, Angie curved up her thin lips and chuckled, "Richie, it's disrespectful to be absent-minded for a lady."

The anger on her face dissipated quickly. It was all hidden in the smile, as if she was wearing a perfect mask and always with a graceful smile.

"You left without a word and didn't take me seriously back then. Why couldn't you accept my distraction?" Richie said with a faint smile

Angie choked, raised her lip and smiled. She was very good at using the knife and fork in her hand. As long as she thought that the steak that was being cut in her hand was his face, she felt much more relaxed.

"You always bring up the things happened three years ago to me like this, which will make me misunderstand that you still love me."

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