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   Chapter 278 Angie, Did You Have A Boyfriend

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In the private restaurant of the Chen family, this restaurant was specially decorated with old-fashioned style and wooden tea tables. With the scent burning in the air, this style was unique.

Richie walked inside. He hadn't been here for three years. It seemed that nothing had changed here.

When he walked inside, a familiar voice came through all of a sudden, "Richie, long time no see."

As Richie turned around, he looked at Angie and lifted his chin. A glint of darkness flashed in his eyes.

"Long time no see," he said.

Her voice was still flat. It seemed that he had been mentally prepared on his way here. When he saw Angie, who didn't change her appearance at all, his heart didn't change at all.

"Let's go this way. I have reserved a table by the window. I used to not take it seriously when you kept saying it was good here. Now it looks great."

Angie guided the way for him. She said the words with her back to the man, so that he could see her real emotions at the moment. But from her tone, she was in a good mood.

"I thought you wouldn't come to see me. I didn't expect you to forgive me and come. I'm glad, Richie."

It seemed that only Angie was talking between them, and Richie had been staring at the woman. He lifted his lips when he heard her words.

"I thought you were dead at that time." However, he didn't expect that she would be so impulsive to become what she was now.

Although her appearance did not change much, he could tell that her temperament was affected.

Angie stopped her steps forward a little bit, and then smiled like an old fox, "It's really a pity. I'm living well now, and after seeing you, I'm in a better mood."

The man, who couldn't see her expression, only slightly lifted his thin lips, half smiling, and did not reply.

"Richie, I think you have changed a lot." Stopping by the window, Angie suddenly said with a deep love in her tone.

"You have changed a lot yourself." She was not the one

in his hand said in a humble manner, "I suddenly have the same feeling as you just said."

Angie closed her mouth and forced a smile. 'I can't stay with him."

But when she raised her head, she saw the man holding the menu and looking at it very seriously. His nose was straight and thin lips were crimson. No matter from what angle, this man's appearance was unparalleled.

If only his words could be better.

Angie sighed slightly in the bottom of her heart. When she turned her gaze, Richie happened to catch it. "Why are you always looking at me?"

The woman shook her head, "No."

Richie nodded and gave the menu to the waiter waiting beside him without asking anything. "The dishes on the menu, and then a cup of coffee."

"Yes, sir. Please wait a moment." The waiter took the menu, and looked at the opposite man, who was slightly absent-minded, but when he saw the eyes of the woman next to him, he immediately became dedicated.

After the waiter left, Richie leaned back against the chair. His gesture was casual, and his face was beaming under the sun.

"Angie, have you had a boyfriend in the past three years?"

This question was so plain that Angie was stunned for a while. She didn't expect that he would ask her such a question. After thinking it over, she adjusted her expression.

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