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   Chapter 276 Have A Baby To Play

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Then a light bulb went off in her mind. She wanted to buy something for Consuela's unborn baby. As a matter of fact, Richie's mother had already prepared the needed for the baby. But when she met Debbie's shining eyes, she didn't know how to refuse her.

Well, she'd better spend some money on it.

They stopped at a kid's clothing store. After a while, Debbie said to Consuela, "Consuela, do you want to treat the child as a boy or a girl?"

Noticing the hesitant look on her face, Consuela lowered her head and said with a smile, "I don't think a baby will be able to be treated like that."

"Of course. When I was a child, my mother brought me up as a boy. I could even climb the trees and took the bird's nests. I even went to poke the beehive with Baron."

Debbie replied in a tone of complacency. Her eyes widened in shock. It wasn't hard for her to accept the fact. She just thought it was an incredible experience.

"When I was a child, he had seen all kinds of my ugly appearance, but he didn't mind at all. It really makes me a little..."

Debbie was about to say something, but she hesitated, as if she hadn't found any words to describe his crazy hobby.

Consuela raised her hand, patted her on the shoulder and said through gritted teeth, "Be contented."

The palm power was so hard that she almost bit her tongue and killed herself. After Consuela put her hand down, she only looked at her with her eyes wide open in shame.

She had turned a blind eye to Consuela's stare again, but she didn't have the slightest interest in it. Consuela was really impressed by her aura.

After watching her for a while, Consuela sighed and said, "You've learnt a lot about acting from the best actor."

With a blue uniform in her hand, Debbie turned to look at Consuela, who looked much like she was dreaming about something. She grinned and said, "It's just a pity that you can only eat sour grapes."

And she also fantasized in her mind.

Ignoring her pregnant belly, Consuela sighed and shouted in a

it for his nephew.

However, unfortunately, this wasn't the way he had chosen. He suddenly took the other hand of Debbie and said, "How about having a baby with me?"

Consuela wondered, "..."

What else could they say?

Debbie shook off Baron's hands, trying to be as brave as a tiger in the back, and said, "Dream on!"

"I don't mind having a dream with you."

The corners of her eyes and mouth began to cramp, "..."

She minded it very much!

However, there was always someone like this or something like this in the world, and they were used to blocking what they didn't want to hear.

Baron was such a man at the moment. "When this movie is finished, you'll get fatter. Then we have to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau."

He had a good plan. "We can have two children in three years. Both boys and girls can be OK. I have saved enough money for the children."

Debbie looked up at the man and sneered, "You can go to give birth to your own child."

She thought that he had gone too far.

"Well, let's find a good time to get our marriage license first," said Baron, as if he was waiting for Debbie's response like this.

His lips curled into a bigger smile. Debbie didn't notice it, but Consuela saw it clearly. She turned her head away after she had read for several times that it was impolite to keep her eyes open.

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