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   Chapter 274 An Unromantic Woman (2)

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After a while, he looked helpless. He put down the phone and poured himself a glass of water.

He was indeed sleepless because of the text and his guilt for Consuela.

He didn't know if he should just go back to the past. If so, he wouldn't have the face to make trouble for Consuela.

Moreover, that woman seemed to have known a lot, but she was unwilling to choose to tell him the truth. She still did not believe him.

He was an idiot when it came to love. Although he didn't want to admit, the reality was right in front of his eyes, and he couldn't deny it.

All people in the world should obey the law of safety, and everyone should obey it.

She wondered what the man was thinking.

She almost felt bored staying in the villa all the time, but after the dinner with Sheryl last time, Richie warned her not to go out alone with Sheryl.

She didn't know what he meant. Her instinct told her that he was trying to sow discord between them. But before she could say anything, the observant man smiled and asked.

"You are carrying a baby now. Do you still think that I would joke about it?"

Although he wasn't a pleasant person, Consuela trusted him. She trusted him inexplicably, perhaps because of her intuition.

Holding the phone, she thought about it. Only Debbie could accompany her, but she didn't know if that busy woman was available now.

Being an assistant to a famous star, she should be responsible for her work, but she wanted to try her luck.

However, luck was on her side. Debbie had just taken a day off and was worrying that she might not find a place to have fun when she received this call.

A joyful voice filled the air. "Okay, okay. Do you need me to pick you up in my car? Let's eat something delicious, Consuela."

She was accompanying Baron to take part in the film. The filming was in a remote and deep forest area. They could not feed them

she was really familiar with Baron and they grew up together.

But then something happened. Her family moved out. Since then, they hadn't seen each other for many years. But two years ago, they met again.

When they met again, Baron's eyes were as bright as several thousand light bulbs. He said indifferently, "The earth is round, and the people separated will eventually meet."

At the beginning, it seemed that she had kicked him directly and had a bad feeling. She ran out and thought that the dress that she had not taken off the tag could not be returned with a refund price for being vomited and stained by him.

It was not a happy reunion.

Then the man began to investigate her current situation. With a pitiful look, he asked her if she needed help. Debbie cried sadly.

He seemed to be destined at that time.

Suddenly, something appeared in Consuela's head. She said, "But I don't think his mother knows you."

"I didn't see his mother when I was a child. I only knew that he depended on his father, so I was very nervous when I was in hospital last time." Debbie said casually.

At first, she was so nervous that she almost ran away. But she finally bet that she could trick her and she might have some hope.

Then she won the bet.

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