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   Chapter 270 An Indirect Display Of Affection

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Harry, however, looked at his phone on the table and didn't know what to do next. It seemed that he was in the wrong state.

Richie bit his lips and felt a bit annoyed. This was the first time that he had no idea about what to do since he was born.

And Angie was as impatient as last time. She no longer sent him any messages. Her phone and messages were all gone.

As if she was flirting with him purposely.

The corners of his mouth lifted and he laughed at himself. Angie had let go of him so thoroughly and when she came back, it was so strange. But he still couldn't forget her.

How humiliating he was!

In a trance, a mixed blood face was gradually overlapped by a bright smile. The string of rational meaning in his mind returned.

He almost forgot his current identity.

It was only a few months left and he seemed to be the father of a small life, but now he was still struggling with some memories.

"I am really a bad guy." Richie turned his chair and looked at the huge French window in his office. The incandescent lamp reflected into his eyes through the window.

He sounded helpless.

Richie came back to himself from some strange emotion because of the sudden arrival of Tim. The first thing that came to his mind after the man who had just recovered from his illness was entering the office of this abnormal man.

The moment he entered the room, he saw that Richie was absorbed in his own thought. He looked perplexed, which he had never seen before.

Strangely enough, he walked to his desk and knocked on it heavily to get him out of the trance.

"Boss, you are revenging for yourself. The files on my desk are piled almost half height of a man." Seeing the bluish circles around Richie's eyes, Tim scolded him relentlessly.

Although the company had been busier and busier these days because of the quarterly change, it didn't mean that Richie would share half of his workload with him, the special assistant!

He came back to the company, but not here firstly, but

ng up his mind, he wanted to help him up. But as soon as he stretched out his hands and before he touched Richie's clothes, Richie went crazy and threw the wine bottle on his face.

Tim's eyes twinkled slightly, and he quickly escaped the sudden attack of the man. The wind with the bottle slipped through the tip of the man's nose and broke into the wall a few meters behind him.

The broken glass of the bottle lit up some strange excitement of the other drunk people. After screaming a few times, the men who fell on other sofa began to smash the bottles too.

The room was in a mess. The color drained from Tim's face.

He took a deep breath to calm himself down and looked at the man, trying to be patient. He would not beat these people up.

He gritted his teeth and asked, "Sir, what are you doing?"

Richie's mind seemed to be soaked in alcohol. He said vaguely in a high voice, "none of you want to cheat me. Except my wife, no one else wants to touch me. Get away from me."

Mr. Donald, who was sitting not far away from them, laughed mischievously. "Yes, if his wife doesn't come, no one can take away his purity, ha-ha."

If there were some special effects with cartoon now, he would have already operated several black lines on his head. He really wanted to drive this man back to his mother's womb and rebuild it.

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