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   Chapter 268 Game Masters (1)

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A gust of wind blew, and Cassie was irritated by his indifferent tone, but soon she returned to her carefree state.

She raised her beautiful eyebrows and said, "Drink it or not, I don't care."

With a desperate expression, Tim shook his head, "As long as you are happy."

Trying her best to control her anger, she turned around and made her way to the Consuela's sickbed, leaving the man alone.

On the other hand, Tim remained as a prince who had nothing to do with his business.

After the chicken soup was served, Miranda was about to leave. Consuela followed her out. In front of the elevator, she asked, "Did Richie come back to the villa yesterday?"

Miranda shook her head at once when she heard Consuela's question. She didn't intend to lie to her, because she was always an honest girl.

"Mr. Richie didn't come back yesterday. He told Emily to bring you the chicken soup last night."

Perhaps after she said that, she thought that her words might have an impact on her. So she started to praise Richie's carefulness.

Consuela knew she had a bias towards Richie, so she said resignedly, "Okay. I know he's a good man."

Miranda raised her eyebrows and said, "Mrs. Richie, it's good that you know that. I'll leave now."

Right after she finished speaking, the elevator door opened. Looking at the closed iron box, Consuela shook her head with a smile. She stood on tiptoe, not knowing where to go.

Under the floor, outside the hospital, sitting Laura, they didn't like each other and there were two young people in the ward who seemed to be having their love affairs. It seemed that she really had nowhere to go.

Left with no choice, she had to stand at the glass window in the corridor and took out her phone to call Richie.

After three rings, the call was picked up by the person on the other end of the phone. He asked tiredly in a silk style voice, "What's wrong? Are you feeling uncomfortable?"

After a short pause, Consuela said with a smile, "Are you busy?"

"Just so so."

Fortunately, he was a little busy. Consuela nodded and said, "T

gh she wasn't as weak as before, she was still weak.

The man couldn't help but ask, "What is it that makes you go on playing?"

Upon hearing him, Consuela came back to her senses. She shrugged her shoulders and replied, "Maybe it's because I have a good friend who's very good at it and playing with me."

"It's a miracle that your friend didn't leave you here." He watched the hero that Consuela had manipulated run in front and be killed again and again.

"My friend is much kinder than you." Consuela said angrily, pouting her lips and wanted to be killed again.

The next second, the mouse was held in his hand. She raised her head and asked, "What are you doing?"

"I can't see it any more. I'll turn it over for you."

After that, Consuela didn't need to do anything else.

The man sat behind her, with his hands around her waist, and his head close to her head. The light mint fragrance surrounded her nose.

They were so close to each other that Consuela could even hear the man's heartbeat. It was regular, without any strong feelings.

However, when she looked up and saw him playing games, she felt a little excited.

After all, it was the first time that she had seen him play computer games. She didn't expect that he would be such a good player besides making money.

So she was still in the state of wandering when the word "win" showed on the screen.

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