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   Chapter 267 You Have A Lot (2)

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Looking out of the glass window, he felt that the road was winding, and the road was full of people and vehicles. The sunshine was pouring down and made him frown.

"I agree with you." Richie bit his lower lip and then walked into the ward alone, as if he were alone in the world.

Leaning on the wall beside the glass window, Cassie blew a little air and said, "But you can't forget the past."

In the ward, Tim couldn't resist the effect of the drug and slept well.

They were not alone. Consuela was holding the apple in her hand. The apple was very well peeled. The skin of the apple was slightly reddened.

With the car keys in his hand, Richie bent his head and looked into her eyes. "Something in the company needs me to handle. Are you okay with yourself?"

Consuela took a bite of the apple and squinted her eyes. "It doesn't matter. Remember to rest early," she said.

"When I finish my work, I will come to accompany you." Richie pinched her cheek. He seemed to feel sorry for her.

Then he lowered his head and kissed her on the cheek.

"You don't have to do that. Just go back home and have a good rest," said Consuela

"Okay. The ward you are in is empty. Ask them to make the arrangement later."

He stood up and took the apple from her hand. "If you don't want to eat it, just throw it away. You don't have to put up with it."

But what made her most aggrieved was the man who told her not to be aggrieved.

With a friendly smile, Consuela wrapped her arms around Richie's waist and said, "Bye."

He turned around and walked towards the door. Looking at his back, Consuela put on an indifferent look.

Some things couldn't go back.

The apple could be thrown away, but the entanglement couldn't be thrown away.

The next day, when Consuela went for a walk, she saw Laura sitting on a wheelchair, with a blanket covering her legs.

She was so frightened that her legs became weak. It seemed that she had found a big secret for no reason, but she had to pretend to know nothing, which made her heartbroken.

The nursin

told Debbie about the car accident and heard the gossips from Debbie. Then she felt that she had experienced a lot of good things.

However, to her surprise, Richie was so obedient. Yesterday, she told him not to come to the hospital, and he didn't come to see her. In fact, he didn't even come to the hospital in the morning.

At noon, Miranda came to her ward with a vacuum cup of chicken soup that had been prepared by Emily. When the cover was opened, water began flooding the mouths in the ward.

Cassie licked the corner of her mouth and asked tentatively, "There seem to be a lot of the soup. Can't you drink it all by yourself, Consuela?"

"But Mrs. Richie needs some nutrition, and she..." Miranda stammered.

Consuela smiled and said, "It doesn't matter. We should share good things together."

As soon as her words dropped, people in the ward loosened their grip, especially Cassie, who was the most excited.

It seemed that Tim was the coldest person in the world who followed the moved big ice block, Richie. When he smelled the fragrance of the chicken soup, he just raised his eyes indifferently.

As if there was no delicious food that could make him give up his career.

With a small bowl of soup in her hand, Cassie looked up and ordered, "Do you want some?"

"You don't seem to expect me to drink that much," said Tim, raising his head.

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