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   Chapter 257 Need I Help You (2)

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Silence factors slowly flew in the ward.

Watching Cassie walking towards him, Tim curled his lips.

He had lived for more than twenty years and had seen all kinds of women working for Richie, but he hadn't noticed that any woman was as cheeky as Cassie.

"Don't bother. I can handle it myself."

Wearing a mischievous smile on her face, Cassie was like a wise fox. She said, "If you can't do that and fall down inside, isn't that a burden for me?"

Regardless of the man's dark face, she raised up her hand and helped him to walk to the direction of the bathroom. She even comforted the man.

"As a doctor, I should be kind. I can't let you run into danger. Otherwise, I would be so guilty. It's my fault that I didn't help you out when you were in danger."

Tim's look of his face changed. All of a sudden, he felt like that someone had splashed on his face with ink.

Then he put on a false smile and said, "I have never seen you so considerate."

"You always look at me with tinted glasses and don't want to see through my appearance. How do you know my merits?"

Even if she was boasting about her kindness, she was pushed out at the entrance of the bathroom. Tim said coldly, "Behave yourself."

"Myself? You really don't need help?" Cassie shook her hand with a dirty smile.

However, as soon as she wanted to enter the bathroom, the man slammed the door without mercy. If it was close enough, her tilted nose almost would be squashed.

Cassie touched her nose and took two steps back. She laughed and shook her head. Then she turned around and sat on the bed, waiting for that man to come out.

However, she didn't expect a huge crash from the bathroom. They both didn't know whether it was because her curse was too strong or because the man was so unlucky recently.

Cassie was peeling an apple with a knife. She was frighten

am shameless?"

She took care of him with all her heart and soul, but he only saw her as a shameless woman in his eyes?

Fuck him.

Unfortunately, Cassie could do nothing to this man. Her eyes stared too hard and the water caused by sadness was also spreading up, so her eyes were moist and red.

Looking at the woman who was so excited as to be able to cover his head with her lunch box the next second, holding the lunch box in front of him, Tim just felt a little headache.

"What's on your mind all day? I'm just joking. Why do you cry? You're so ugly."

With that, he became tender all of a sudden, and passed a piece of tissue to her.

"I don't need your fake kindness. If you want to look down on me, then look down on me. I..." Cassie took the tissue angrily. She gritted her teeth and wanted to say something cruel, but she couldn't say anything.

Well, she was so affected. It seemed that everything was wrong after she met this man. At last, she could do nothing but slap herself.

He had been afraid that Cassie would keep crying before she left. He was a rough man and didn't know how to deal with her feelings.

So he asked back, "What's wrong with you?"

He could swear that his tone was very ordinary.

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