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   Chapter 256 Need I Help You (1)

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Sitting on the ward bed, Laura was in a bad mood and her face was pale. It was a white color, which made people feel very worried.

"Miss Laura, I won't force you to make the decision. But are you sure you don't want the baby?" he continued.

Laura grabbed the quilt tightly and suddenly got out of control as she didn't know what she should do next, "Mind your own business."

Debbie, who was standing next to her and waiting to hear the gossip, was stunned by the woman's sudden roar. She raised her head and looked at the two people in front of her.

She felt only a little headache, and it wasn't just a slight pain.

She shifted her sight between them. Looking at the pale face, she didn't mean to say more. At the same time, Laura's face was pale and her breast was bulging.

In silence, Debbie said, "Miss Laura, you have to be responsible for your future. You can't make the decision that you regret because you are emotional now."

Laura pressed her pale lips and suddenly wanted to drive away the two persons who wanted to laugh at her.

If she made a decision, no matter how regretful she would be in the future, it was none of their business. Well, in the final analysis, they just wanted to know the identity of the child's father.

However, it was still a restricted question.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Baron. I'm not in a good mood. Please don't mind what I said just now." Laura controlled her mood and turned to the man not far from the hospital bed.

Looking down at her for a few seconds, Baron suddenly took two steps back and said, "Too late."

He reached out and held Debbie into his arms. Her wide open eyes indicated that she was waiting for his next words. He said softly, "I've wasted too much time. Let's go."

Laura saw them walking out of the ward with a hypocritical smile on her face, and immediately fell apart.

Then she took up her phone and dialed a number. With a cold and fierce voice, she ordered, "Get all the resources to solve all the insiders. Remember nothing

en days."

"You're such an unreasonable man. Why am I willing to follow you all the time?"

"Maybe it's because you like to be mistreated."

After the phone was hung up, Richie didn't look angry. He put down the phone calmly.

The man in the ward, however, had no such a good temper as him. After hanging up the phone, he stood up to satisfy his physiological need.

The door of the ward was opened easily. The woman leaned against the door frame, raised her beautiful eyebrows and smiled mischievously. "Well, Mr. Tim can walk around by himself."

"Why do I feel that you are the happiest one in the world if I am ill?" Tim steadied himself and turned his head to look at the woman standing at the door frame and said in a neither cold nor warm voice. He tried to calm himself down and turned around.

He should have been the one who let go of all his work and be happy, but Cassie seemed to be more enthusiastic.

It seemed that she was eager for him to have a serious illness as soon as possible.

Cassie looked at the direction that Tim was walking and replied with a slight smile, "The waterfront Pavilion gets the moonlight first."

Then, she walked close to him, glanced at him and then looked away to the bathroom.

"But now you look so weak. I think it's inconvenient for you. Do you need me to give you a hand?"

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