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   Chapter 255 Sleepless (3)

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In a daze, Consuela stared at the screen of her phone. Her eyes widened in shock when she read the message from Debbie. This time, she had shifted all her attention from Richie.

Consuela didn't believe what Debbie had said. 'Is this Laura really the arrogant princess Laura I know?'

Then she typed on her phone to show her doubt.

"Don't be so doubtful. She is the woman whom we all know. She used to go out to find our boss frequently."

After a long pause, Consuela regained her composure and asked, "what happened?"

Whose child was it? Recently, she hadn't announced her fiance in public. Who was the father of her child?

"Well, who knows who she's dating with!" Debbie's tone was a little sad, but also with a few helpless expressions.

The corner of Consuela's mouth twitched. She had never thought that a proud woman like Laura would do such a reckless thing and leave herself a way out.

"Well, let's call it a day. Baron has come over and he will go to the hospital with her." As soon as she finished her words, she went off the line. Looking at the man who was alone in the mess not far away, she sighed deeply.

As Baron walked towards Debbie, who was huddling herself up in the corner and putting away her phone, with no change of expression on her face. It was hard to tell whether she was happy or angry. It seemed that she had no choice but to stare at him helplessly.

"Come with me."

"I don't want to see that woman."

"I don't want any rumors either."

Debbie flied into a rage. 'Is he using me as an excuse?' she thought?

She raised her head and wanted to be serious to refuse him, but accidentally she bumped into his dark eyes. He smiled helplessly and said, "I don't want anyone to gossip that I have gotten married and have children tomorrow."

Even if there was a rumor, it couldn't be any woman other than her.

After looking at each other for a long time, Debbie finally admitted defeat. She stood up and said, "Let's go, my boss."

As Laura was unwilling to let the ambulance come, she was sitting in Baron's car wit

mewhat red face, he smiled and said, "Don't be jealous. You will be used to make mischief if you don't tidy it up well."

Laura was staying in a single ward. Her face was as pale as the quilt covered by her body. She held the sheets with her hands and did not say anything.

"Don't you want this baby?" With the prescription in his hand, Baron walked into the ward. He raised his eyebrows and looked at the woman calmly.

Debbie lifted her hand and tugged at his clothes, blinking her eyes. She wanted to remind him that his tone now was too indifferent.

Although she knew what kind of person Laura was when she was Sruthan Building, she would feel sorry for making trouble when she was down.

Baron raised his hand to cover her hand and nodded slightly. He turned around and handed the report to Laura.

"You'd better have a good look and see if you need to call your parents. I'm not sure if anyone will spread the news." Baron said calmly.

Laura was a public figure now, so she wore a mask to cover her face as she was not feeling well. Her posture was so easy to attract attention.

At that time, some people took photos of her while others might have known her identity.

Laura took over the report and said coldly, "No."

Debbie was standing at the door, so she didn't want to show a gossipy expression. She could only lower her head and prick up her ears.

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