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   Chapter 253 Sleepless (1)

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Tim grimaced and watched the man walk toward the lounge in a natural way. He paused for a second and saw his furrowed brows from the reflection of the glass.

'Well, he must be having a hard time these days.'

No one knew better than him how crazy Richie had been three years ago. He would forgive him for his current gaffe if he had seen that person's face.

But how come he never doubted about Angie?

His eyes rested on the closed door of the lounge, and he could only sigh helplessly.

Hearing Richie's words, Tim shook his head slightly with a smile. Then he strode to clean up the files on his desk before leaving the office. However, he didn't close the door as if he was losing his temper.

To be honest, he felt that he was not familiar with Richie when Richie was hesitant, and didn't know what to do next.

Just like the hesitant man three years ago, but time passed too long, many of his impressions were blurred. Tim could only remember his craziness and childishness at that time.

At that moment, there was a knock on the door and a man came in. It was Mary, who walked into the office with a piece of paper in her hand. She looked very anxious.

"Tim, there is an urgent document that needs our CEO's signature, but I didn't see him when I knocked on the door just now. Can you contact him?"

Tim raised his eyes and said indifferently, "He is in the lounge. You can knock on the door yourself."

Wearing an embarrassed look, she tried to give a smile. But when she looked up at that person, she could only force a smile. "You know that Mr. Richie doesn't like to be disturbed during his rest."

She remembered that a new intern secretary was fired by that angry man at the moment because she had touched the taboo.

It was said that the new intern was the daughter of a senior executive. She had a strong background. Therefore, when he fired her in such a hurry, he had no scruples about the past.

"Then you want me to irritate that big boss?" With no smile in his eyes, Tim lowered his head an

he phone. She really wanted to give that bastard a call.

'Don't be silly. Do you think he will listen to whatever you say?' Consuela warned herself again and again, patting her head.

Then she turned around and left. She put the phone on the balcony, with a peace of mind. Out of sight, out of mind.

While in the office, the man slowly put down the cigarette box, and laughed at himself when he thought of the words that Tim said.

'Too many things on my mind, so I can't fall asleep?' thought Richie.

He took up his cell phone and dialed the number of the man who was about to work hard these days. "Bring me two bottles of sleeping pills."

"Now this kind of medicine can't be dispensed casually." Not to mention two bottles. Did he want to commit suicide with sleeping pills?

Ignoring what he said, Richie simply responded and hung up the phone. "Go to the back door."

Looking at the phone that had been hung up, Tim resisted the impulse to scold him, and had to hang up.

How did he go to the back door? Did he ask Cassie for help by the back door?

He shook his head helplessly. He couldn't do anything to that man. He was unwilling to give up any resources. Things really could be used completely.

When he was thinking about whether to get the medicine according to the man's requirements, another message was sent to him.

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