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   Chapter 252 Drifting Away (3)

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The scenery in the garden was still the same. The fragrance of the flowers was floating in the air. The swing was still standing lonely in the center of the garden, surrounded by bright flowers. It was such a natural beautiful scenery.

"Did you have a bad time here?" Suddenly asked Richie. The woman who was lowering her head didn't know what to say.

Lowering her head, Consuela didn't say a word for a moment. Then she managed to squeeze out a smile and answered, "Of course not. The food in the villa and Nancy's cooking are both very good."

How could she not have a good life?

All of a sudden, she changed the subject. She stepped forward and sat on the swing. "I thought you would explain," she said melancholy.

The man poured himself a glass of wine gracefully and then raised his head to drink it. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw only Consuela.

She leaned against the rail frame of the swing, with her lips curled up a little. There was a vague smile on her face, but she wasn't happy at all.

But she pretended to be understanding. In fact, Richie also felt that he owed her too much. Except for treating her well, he had no other way to make it up.

With a bitter smile, he tossed the goblet and drank the wine with the bottle directly. "I thought you didn't want to listen to me."

The goblet touched the cobblestone trail and bounced back and broke a bright flower. The leaves were shaking in the wind.

Debbie sat on the swing silently. He was right. She really didn't want to listen to him now.

Every explanation would be like concealing.

Raising her head, Consuela asked with a mocking smile, "If I'm willing to listen, will you explain it to me?"

"No. Whatever I say, you will only feel that I'm saying a joke that has nothing to do with you. In that case, why should I waste my words?"

"It seems that you know me very well."

Now, the man had finished a bottle of wine. He lowered his head so that she could see a little red on the corner of his eyes. Instantly, the smile on Consuela's face froze.

She forced a smile

He wanted to push all the work at hand to him. When Tim was introducing the characters of the tasks, Richie suddenly raised his hand and interrupted him.

"Solve it by yourself. If you can't, then come to bother me."

Tim froze and didn't know what to say. After a long pause, he widened his eyes and asked, "Boss, didn't you see the dark circles under my eyes? Don't you know how much work is going on in the company these days?"

"Shut up." Richie frowned impatiently and stopped him from going on.

He squinted at the dissatisfied face of the man without blinking. "It seems that these work are within your ability. It's time for you to solve the problem for your boss."

Tim almost vomited salt soda. Almost drooping his head, he flipped his lips and smiled at him. "Boss, I haven't been on a holiday for a long time. You're getting better, aren't you?"

"You don't have a wife. Why do you need a holiday? Cut the crap. Get out of here and finish your work by yourself. Then if I discover that there is a task that you can complete but be forced into here, you won't be allowed to take a rest for the next half year."

His voice was calm without any pauses. He tapped his fingers on the desk gently, but his powerful momentum was so strong that Tim could not ignore.

"Close the door when you go out." Suddenly, he stood up and walked to the lounge in his office.

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