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   Chapter 250 Drifting Away(1)

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Hearing that, the intern raised her thick glasses a little bit and looked up at the tall man standing opposite to her. However, she could not take her eyes off him at a glance.

This was the most handsome and stylish man that she had ever seen in her life. The man with a strong aura that common people couldn't have.

He should be the person who was in high position all the year round, otherwise he wouldn't have behaved so aggressively and didn't mind her eyes at all.

Richie stood straight, raising his eyebrows slightly. His smile was somewhat wantonly. He raised his hand and straightened his tie. "You're thinking too much. He has just known about this."

"You just don't take your body seriously? Since you have so much money, even if you earn much money, you can't get enough of it. Why do you work so hard now and use it to the hospital in the future?"

Cassie stepped back and tried to stop him when Richie patted her hand away. She grinned bitterly and looked horrible.

"Miss Cassie..." The Intern wanted to remind her that they had to go to see the next patient. It was not enough time, but she was interrupted by Cassie just before she opened her mouth.

"Don't say anything. Everything will be solved later." Frowning, Cassie said softly, taking a deep breath to calm herself down.

"You're overreacting. What you should worry about is Tim, not me," Richie said in a cold voice, his eyes still smiling.

After saying that, he was about to leave. Suddenly, he seemed to think of something. Under the gaze of the woman with big eyes, he smiled and said, "In fact, if you're worried about me, you can tell me more clearly. It's really a bit difficult to cover up."

The intern covered her mouth with her hand and burst into laughter

After being stared by Cassie, she raised the notebook in her hand and smiled, "Miss Cassie, you can go ahead with your work. I'll go to find Doctor Liu and check case."

Then she walked a

y calm, which made him feel somewhat uncomfortable.

The distance between them was just a few meters, but suddenly as if there was a river between them. No one could know what the other was thinking.

Richie couldn't stand it anymore. He took two steps forward and grabbed her shoulders. Looking down at her glasses, he raised his voice and asked, "What are you afraid of?"

Her eyelashes fluttered. She wanted to shake off his hand, but she suddenly stopped halfway and then naturally lowered her head, as if she didn't have the courage to look into his eyes.

"Are you really not hungry?" She asked carefully, as if she was afraid that he would get angry again if she said something wrong.

Richie chuckled with laughter. The expression in his eyes changed completely, like a pot of strong color, which was suddenly dyed into black.

"Let's go. I am a little hungry." He let go of his hands holding Consuela's shoulder, turned around and walked away lonely. He didn't mean to slow down his pace, so the distance between them was widened a lot in an instant.

Pursing her lips, Consuela kept her head lowered. There were tears in her eyes. She wanted to force herself to smile, but she couldn't do anything else.

When she raised her head, she didn't see the figure in her blurry sight.

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