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   Chapter 249 Angie Seems To Be Back

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The atmosphere in the ward was very quiet, as if no one was in the ward.

Cassie leaned her head against the door and looked at the man who was absorbed in those reports. She sneered, took an orange out of the gift basket on the table and peeled it.

The juice dripped on her finger. It had a light fragrance and looked very pleasing.

His eyes had been glued to the test report. The breeze blew his short inky hair, with a faint smile on his delicate side face.

"Look what you've seen! Why are you laughing like this? WOW!" Cassie swallowed the last orange and was surprised by his reaction. She looked at him with disdain.

Since the man didn't come home last night and Angie had come back at this moment, Cassie couldn't help but worry about Consuela. Besides, Consuela knew everything about the man, so she didn't know what Consuela would think of Richie.

It seemed it was not good for her to tell her that Richie had drunk and was sent to hospital. So she didn't want to tell her the truth.

After making up her mind, Cassie suddenly raised her head and asked, "I heard that Angie seems to be back?"

Sitting on the sickbed, the man, who was reading the examination report, paused slightly. He pursed his lips and the corner of his lips was sunken severely.

He put down the report, raised his head and smiled, "It's none of your business."

"Well, it's just a casual question. You don't have to be so excited."

"When are you going to tell my wife?"

"What? How can I tell her about this? Do you want her to be sadder?"

The man continued his leafing and stared at the paper, but Cassie was sure that this man didn't read a word at all.

But his absent-minded behavior just made her a little uncomfortable.

Cassie put down the orange peel in her hand, stood up and washed her hands in the bathroom. When she came out, she deliberately enlarged her movement, and the water splashed on his body. "I don't want to blame you. What on earth do you want to do now?

the blame on him for his work. Wasn't that what he wanted?

This wicked man!

"You should call me boss now," he said icily, getting up from the bed, with the phone in his hand.

He could even hear the rubbing of clothes. His voice was sometimes far away, sometimes close. It seemed that he was holding his mobile phone and was moving slowly. He didn't intend to stay in the hospital for too long.


Tim wanted to scold him, but he could only have to hang up silently and shaped himself a tough look.

The man who had packed up his things also hung up the phone. When he steadily walked out of the ward, he saw Cassie wearing a white coat on the long corridor, looking dignified.

"All the hospitalization fees were paid. Are you leaving now?" Cassie raised her eyebrows and looked at him, followed by an intern who was lowering her head and taking notes.

Shaking his head, he smiled and said, "I have no choice. After all, I have a lot of money."

As soon as he stepped out, he was stopped by the woman who was standing across the corridor. He raised his eyebrows and asked, "What do you mean by this?"

The man raised his hand and gently touched her arm, but there was no smile in his beautiful eyes.

"If you leave now, I'll be the one to be blamed when Tim comes over" Cassie said with a sneer.

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