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   Chapter 248 Old Friend (3)

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After taking his temperature, Cassie sat down on the chair beside the sickbed, frowning at the normal thermometer number.

To release her discontent, she said, "It's not a big deal. You don't have to go to the hospital. You even wake up me in the middle of the night. I'm really..."

She talked for a long time and didn't know what to say next to describe that man's behavior.

The man in the sickbed turned to pour himself a glass of water, and then with a gentle smile, he said, "You are willing to accept whatever he requires."

The meaning of his words was quite obvious. Cassie got stunned for a while. Then she wanted to get up and leave with a suspicious glow on her face, which was a little attractive in the sun.

"Wait," said Richie.

"Anything else?" Cassie's attitude towards Richie was getting worse and worse. She could do nothing but to glare at him. To show her unhappiness on her face.

Maybe it was because Tim was good to him, or maybe it was because of the matter about Consuela that he had left a bad impression on her.

"Is there a backup for Consuela's checking report? Give me one copy. Richie did not even look at her and only asked.

His tone was not like he was asking for help, but more like a creditor asking her to pay back. Cassie frowned and was about to refuse, but someone knocked on the door.

When she turned around and saw the one she was familiar with, she said sullenly, "I'll bring it to you later."

She glanced at Tim with furrowed brows when she passed by him, and then looked away with a stunned look.

Richie took a sip of water and watched their strange interaction. He smiled and said, "Shouldn't you be nicer to her?"

They grew up together. Both of them seemed to have a completely opposite attitude every time they met. The woman was happy while the man was expressionless.

Tim frowned and didn't want to talk about this topic

seeming extremely honored.

Richie shook his head helplessly and followed her into the ward. Glancing at the end of the corridor, he chuckled.

The waterside flower pines for love, while the heartless brook babbles on. That guy had never put Cassie in his heart and just felt that it was a burden to him.

But Cassie's love was just too precious, as she had been loving him for many years.

Cassie organized those copies and put them in order on time. Then she gave them to the man and said, "I thought you didn't care about these things. You must be drowned in alcohol."

She raised her eyebrows and smiled mischievously, as if she had something on him or she was happy to see him in a mess.

"Thanks to your words, I'm so lucky," said Richie, lifting his thin lips

With those words, he looked at the paper slowly, as if he was unwilling to say anything. Cassie pursed her lips with disdain.

'He used to be a willful man, but now she still remembers it so clearly. Does he want to change her mind?' she wondered.

No way!

"The child is healthy and Consuela is in very good condition as well. I believe that there's nothing to worry about."

With her legs crossed, Cassie laughed disdainfully, while Richie didn't look up at her performance.

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