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   Chapter 247 Old Friend (2)

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The bald man was sent away with a big smile. Tim came over and felt confused about what he did. He frowned, "There is no need to give the cooperation plan to him, but why do you still..."

He wanted to ask him if he was drunk and his brain was not clear enough.

But the expression in Richie's eyes at the moment was too clear, like a lake of water, sharp and bright, making him feel chill.

"I had a dinner with him because of his company's potential. Although he looked very weak, he is actually a big shot."

Richie wanted to remind Tim that he should know when to stop. He should not act rashly.

"But the medicine?" Tim was still worried. Looking at Richie's calm face, he did not know what to say.

"How dare he drug me? But I just had drunk too much and happened to meet the woman he gave me," said Richie cunningly.

The man closed his eyes slightly and said thoughtfully, "Tonight I can give you a chance to enjoy yourself. Go and have fun."

What he meant was to have fun in the bar in any way as long as the bottom line was not crossed.

"Can I ask for leave if I can't get up and continue to work tomorrow?"

"You skip work for no reason. Deduct your salary."

"…… Your safety is the most important thing for me now. So I choose to give up having fun."

It was already midnight when she left the bar. The chilly breeze blew in from the shirt which was not very thick, making him feel comfortable and refreshing.

Richie raised his hand and stopped Tim from putting on his coat. He pinched his eyebrows and walked steadily. "No, the wind would make me more awake."

"Where are you going tonight?" Tim took back his hand, looked up at the man and asked carefully.

Richie was a neat freak and always felt dirty on the things outside. He would not sleep outside unless he had to stay outside.

But it was late at night, he should not go back and disturb the woman.

Richie looked up at the neon lights lit on the opposite street. After a moment of sil

e was now.

He didn't know what was going on recently. He was so bored with the hospital. It seemed that he lived here every few days.

When Cassie came to make the rounds of the ward with dark circles under her eyes, she saw the man sitting on the head of the bed with a cold face and slightly pursing his lips. No one knew what he was thinking.

"Well, are you constipated? Do I need to prepare you some purgatives so that you can indifferently take the food to the intestines?"

Her strange voice brought Richie back to his senses. He raised his eyebrows and looked at her, a false smile tugging at the corner of his mouth. "It's time to have Tim discipline you."

"I don't care!" Cassie approached the bed and checked on him.

Seeing the strange behavior of this person, Richie did not ask anything but nodded. Then he closed his eyes and stopped talking.

Cassie was a woman of unruly disposition and had a little bit of responsibility at work. But such a wayward woman could be controlled by Tim who was described as rather dull.

Sometimes, the woman made a loud noise which was like the helpless cry of a kitten. But the person only needed to speak a few whispers could make her calm down.

But that man never cared about her feelings, and she liked him just like that, so she had to comfort herself.

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