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   Chapter 246 Old Friend (1)

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The night was cool. With a coat draped over her shoulders, Consuela sat on a deck chair on the balcony. She fixed her eyes on the screen and read the message carefully.

The wind brought away the sourness in her heart, and some rare emotions. She raised her hand to flick the short hair near her ear, while her eyes were shining.

After reading the message, she was suddenly enlightened. She smiled and said, "Thank you for your advice. I feel much better now."

Cassie covered her mouth and stopped herself from yawning. She replied smilingly, "That's right. You should work hard to trap him and make him safe and reliable."

'I don't want this lovely girl to worry about me anymore.'

Consuela shook her head, not knowing how to respond to that question. "What a round moon!"

But unfortunately, she had to stay alone.

Cassie sent her a face rolling the eyes, and she added some words, "It's too late. Go to bed early. I will have an early shift tomorrow. I'd better take a rest first."

With a smile, she said, "Good night. Have a nice dream."

She switched off the phone, trying to smile, but she failed.

It seemed that nothing had been solved. Richie hadn't come back home yet, and his ex-girlfriend was nowhere to be seen. With a wail, Consuela covered her head with both hands and went to bed.

She didn't care about her own identity now. After all, she was pregnant. She didn't want to be a troublemaker because of her willfulness.

Otherwise, she might even want to strangle herself, let alone the other members of the Ye Clan.

The night was cold. She reached out her hand and turned off the wall lamp. The red moon slowly and dim lit up the night.

The night was destined to be fruitless.

In the toasting area of the bar, a man was sitting on a sofa not far from the bar counter, holding a glass of wine in his hand and furrowing his eyebrows quietly, while the bald man opposite wore a flattering smile.

"Mr. Richie, I wonder if there is any par

n the stage, men and women twisted their waist and laughed wildly with their faces close to faces.

"You are right, Ms. Cary. There were so many people dining with me at that time, so I didn't have to suspect you, but I knew you were the most powerful one at the dinner."

When Richie opened his eyes, there was a smile on his slanted eyes. His face was still white, as delicate as dream.

"You are the only I saw that woman at that time. Help me find her out. You are welcome to mention the cooperation case."

Even the bald man couldn't help but swallow when he saw Richie's charming face.

It was undeniable that Richie was the most handsome man among the successful men he had seen. Even in the entertainment circle, there were few people who could compare with him.

"Mr. Richie, I don't think it's a good idea to ask someone to help you like this." Richie had no intention of begging anyone in this condition. "But, I will do anything for you."

Richie raised his hand and patted it gently on the table to remind him to drink. The bald man took the glass of wine handed by the man opposite him.

Both of them smiled knowingly.

When they drank some glasses of wine, the bald man became bolder. "Mr. Richie, when will my subordinates finish having fun?"

"Don't worry. I'll take you to see them now."

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