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   Chapter 245 He Made Me Uneasy

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The moon tonight was very bright with starlight against it, rendering it a little indescribable and unique.

Standing in front of the window for a long while, Consuela stared at the black sky as if covered by a piece of cloth. She was very melancholy about what she was going to say. She sighed helplessly.

Her cell phone on the bedside table suddenly lit up. She helplessly turned around and walked over, without holding a glimmer of hope. However, when she saw the name "devil", she was directly stunned.

Biting her lower lip, she picked up the phone and thought about what the man might say. She didn't want to answer the phone, but when this idea arose in her heart, the phone was hung up.

She raised her hand and was about to check the time, when her phone rang. She answered it by accident.

"What were you doing just now?" Asked the man in a calm voice as soon as the line was connected. He didn't drink, nor did he speak in a hoarse voice, which sounded less tired.

Taking a deep breath, Consuela put down the rock hanging on her heart and said, "I just took a shower and was about to call you back."

The man who was standing against the wall in the long corridor felt depressed. He raised his hand and looked at his watch. It was a little late.

Consuela had been taking care of everything well. She wouldn't give up her obsessive-compulsive disorder unless some outsiders got in her way.

As far as he knew, there shouldn't be anything troubling her in the villa.

He spit out the word - liar.

Nobody could hear him, but he knew what he meant.

After a while, she didn't get his reply. Consuela asked directly, "Why are you calling me now?"

"Well, I may not go back today. I don't want you to worry about me, so I call you. Go to bed early. Good night."

"You don't want to give me a reason?" Consuela asked after being stu

or a while and deleted the message again. Then she sent the message again, gritting her teeth.

"No way," Cassie came straight to the point

After receiving the message, Consuela's face soured at the sight of it. She touched the screen to switch it off. All of a sudden, a new message from Cassie came.

"Consuela, it's not what you think. A thing in the past is different from a thing in the future."

Cassie yawned while covering her mouth with her hand reluctantly. Even though Angie was back now, the gap between them was hard to make up within three years.

It was a mystery why Angie left without a word three years ago, and why she came back now. If that woman kept her goal a secret, it was very likely that the man would not trust her.

Besides, Richie had already had a wife, Consuela. Although sometimes he could be a scumbag, he was a man with responsibility.

If he really wanted to keep in touch with his ex-girlfriend, it was up to his conscience.

"Don't worry. Just set your heart back to where it should be. You two have to compete with each other to find out who is the best."

She had seen more or less the feelings Richie had for Consuela, but she wasn't sure how deeply he had fallen in love with her.

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