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   Chapter 244 Woolgathering (3)

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He was such an excellent man, not to mention that her sister wasn't good enough for him. She should have what Consuela liked.

Taking her cellphone a little further away from her ear, she wore a sneer. The smile at the corners of her mouth was covered by a pair of sunglasses. She looked so elated that the air around her mouth seemed to have melt into a perfect smile that she had practiced for countless times.

However, on the other end of the line, Consuela bit her finger awkwardly. The relationship between her and Richie was getting worse.

If she promised her now, he would never be willing to accompany her. She'd better directly refused her.

She didn't want others to feel sorry for her.

"What's wrong with you, Consuela? Can't you make a decision now?" Sheryl asked in a most gentle voice, as if she didn't want to break Consuela's fragile heart.

But if she listened carefully, she would find the gloating in this woman's voice.

She realized that Consuela wasn't a very beautiful woman, and she also didn't have the chance to win any man's affection. She also thought that maybe Richie married her just because she was carrying his baby.

The thought of this child made Sheryl's face gloomy. She had checked the guest record of that room before.

Although people in that kind of place claimed to keep the clients' information confidential, when the money was thrown out, the secret transaction would be well known.

Sheryl had selected the most suitable man for her, and she had even given her the similar room number to the other one on purpose. It turned out that she was lucky enough to have such a good man.

She was able to transform from a man with old age, bad appearance and various sex diseases into a golden bachelor.

She was so lucky. She could even win the lottery easily.

After thinking about it for a long while, Consuela decided to tell the truth. "Shery

me me, Consuela. I just said these words to remind you."

Because the day would come sooner or later.

Consuela struggled to lift her lips. "It's okay. Thank you very much."

She hung up the phone. The dim yellow light of the wall lamp did not bring any warmth on her face, and she was helpless and pale.

Consuela's mouth twitched. She couldn't help but shiver at the thought that he hadn't discovered her pregnancy.

Sheryl was right. Although she had been mocking her of not being good enough for that man, this was just how it happened.

He suspected that she was selfish and despicable before, in order to be his woman, by all means. He even became indifferent after he found out that she had been pregnant.

As for how he suddenly changed his attitude, she could not remember clearly.

Standing in front of the window, Consuela heaved a sigh of relief and touched the window curtain. She told the impression of that man to herself. "I know you're a mercurial man, and even I can't compete with you sometimes."

However, sometimes he was so thoughtful that for a moment she fell in love with him without caring about anything.

"Well, but he can always give me a basin of cold water, pouring from head to feet. It makes me feel sour and painful."

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