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   Chapter 242 Woolgathering (1)

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She had been assimilated by Richie since she had been with him for a long time. Sometimes she looked so serious as if they were the same person.

Since the driver had opened the car door for her, she walked through the crowd slowly. The driver, who was close behind, was in a cold sweat.

If anything happened to her and he was fired, it was not a big deal, but if he couldn't find a job in the future, he would be over.

However, he couldn't call back that attractive woman. He could only follow her closely with fear. He had to watch his eyes and be careful of the ones who wanted to plot against her.

Consuela didn't know the complex emotions on the driver's face. She just walked towards the direction Richie had left. When she saw the strangers passing by her one by one, she felt that the hope was slim.

As she was about to turn around to go home, her phone rang. When she saw the caller's name on the screen, she felt glad to see the familiar name.

"Hello," she said softly.

She took her cell phone and answered the phone on the street. It was a bit noisy there. She was afraid that the person on the other side couldn't hear her, so she wanted to go forward and find a place with fewer people.

However, before she could find a good place, she heard the busy tone on the phone. Her heart missed a beat, and she wondered if that person's mobile phone was powered off.

Although it was not the most important time, she really needed to hear the reason why that person called her.

However, after a few seconds of dullness, she received a message from the person with the signature of 'devil'.

"Go back, don't run about."

Simple but with a light threat, was always the consistent tone of Richie. However, after getting along well with each other today, his response was a little indifferent.

Consuela didn't listen to him. She walked a few meters ahead and came to a corner of a cafe. She stopped at the corner and sent a message to him.


will be rewarded. If not, ha-ha."

With his hands casually in his trousers pockets, Richie turned around and looked at Tim with a faint smile, as if he wanted to get an answer.

"Boss, please don't get mad at me. I was just kidding."

Richie laughed. He raised his hand to smooth his cuff link. His face was covered with a layer of ice. "People should have a little confidence in themselves. I think what you said is very reasonable. Don't be a coward, go on."

His tone was so strange that Tim just wanted to beg God to give him a bottle of regret medicine and let him live on.

However, there was no regret medicine in this world. Tim had a foul tongue and could only kneel to endure his anger.

He believed that Richie must be pissed off after he was exposed.

The driver drove Consuela back to the villa very smoothly. She didn't need to worry about him anymore. Instead, she didn't send messages or call Richie, and the man didn't seem to want to talk to her either.

It seemed that she was trying to burn the bridge after crossing it, and she didn't recognize the man she was familiar with. But there must be something wrong with the role. He should be the one who should be thrown away after being used.

However, the current situation made Consuela feel like she was an abandoned chess piece.

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