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   Chapter 241 A Real Couple (4)

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Time ticked by slowly. Consuela was already full. Johnson and Linda were chatting with Richie. The man didn't show any dissatisfaction.

The three of them walked to the other side and started a chess game. Mr. and Mrs. Xia were sitting one side and chatting with each other, smiling. Richie was sitting the other side with the back to her, but it was still easy to see that he was calm and confident.

However, the problem was that she paid no attention to that man, but stared at the movie on TV without blinking.

When she was about to reach out for the fruit, a slender, white hand stopped her. Then, Sheryl sat opposite her and offered to sit with her.

"Consuela, is my brother-in-law the boss of a big company?" Sheryl asked curiously. Sheryl blinked at Consuela with a smile.

Since Consuela's hand was held tightly by Richie, she couldn't reach out to get anything to eat. When she raised her head, she found that Harry was looking at her.

Both of them wanted to know who Richie really was.

Consuela nodded with a bright smile on her face. She seemed to be very happy. "Yes, that's exactly what you have said."

"Oh, my God! You are really something." Sheryl was suddenly excited. Her hands were tighten. Consuela couldn't stand it. She could only remind her gently in a low voice.

"I'm sorry, Consuela. I didn't mean to bother you. I'm absent-minded" said Sheryl earnestly.

"It doesn't matter. Don't worry."

Harry, who was sitting opposite to them, watched the interaction between them with his brown eyes. He had no idea who he was looking at, but he had a faint sneer in his eyes.

Now Consuela was living a very happy life, and the man, was also very excellent, making her father and mother happy in such a short time.

At last, Consuela and Richie left together, and Sheryl and Harry wanted to leave too. So they four went to the garage together.

Richie had established a good image in the hearts of Consuela's parents. They even asked him to com

ouldn't see clearly the words because of her poor eyesight.

However, the most suspicious one was Richie. He gently bit his lips but his look was calm. Then he pressed phone screen black and put it into his pocket.

He answered perfunctorily, "Nothing. I'll get off first and the driver will drive you home. Don't go out unless there is something important recently."

"You're being more suspicious," said Consuela

However, before the man had time to answer her question, the car had stopped. That man quickly got off the car and did not wait for the car to stop steadily.

He broke into the crowd directly after getting off the car and disappeared in the crowd. He was suspected because he didn't want her to find it.

Maybe it was because Richie's attitude was too low in the Xia Clan, and she had been bullying him. On their way back, that man didn't even think about getting it back.

Suddenly, she became more daring.

She said to the driver, "Open the door and I'll get off, too."

"Mrs. Richie, Mr. Richie just told me to drive you home safely. I'm afraid it will be difficult for me to do that for you."

Consuela raised her head and looked out of the car window. Richie disappeared in the crowd. Then she asked coldly, "Do you want me to fire you?"

The driver's face darkened. "No, I don't."

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