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   Chapter 239 A Real Couple (2)

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Harry was not in the company. He had drunk a lot yesterday and was still in a coma now. When Sheryl went into the villa with the key, she saw nothing but a mess.

Disdain was written all over her face as she frowned. She walked in, bypassed many obstacles and walked towards Harry's bedroom.

The person named Harry also looked nice in appearance, but in fact he was evil inside.

Then Sheryl stepped into the bedroom and knocked on the door, but no one answered. She heard the crack of something and frowned impatiently.

There was a strong smell of alcohol in the air. If he could not make Consuela feel uncomfortable, she would not come for suffering this.

All of a sudden, the door was opened from inside. The pale faced man saw her and raised his eyebrows. "Why are you here?"

Sheryl smiled and walked towards the master bedroom.

"Today, Consuela has taken her boyfriend home. I want to take you with me as well. You said before that you had to get a chance to know more about her and her boyfriend, right?"

Scratching the doorknob, Harry lowered his head and gave a sweet smile, as if he was glad for Consuela. In a cold voice, she said, "wait a minute."

"Hurry up. It's too late now." Sheryl nodded her head, looking like a virtuous lady.

She looked up at the disheveled man, took the clothes out of the wardrobe beside, and then staggered to the bathroom.

When the ground glass door was closed, the woman sitting on the sofa couldn't bear it anymore. She lay on her stomach and began to retch.

The odor in this room was so strong that there was a mix odor of cigarettes, alcohol and vomit, which almost made her lose control of nose.

After swore the man Harry a million times in her heart, she stood up to clean the room for him. But her disgust was so obvious in her eyes.

There was a constant sound of water flowing in the bathroom, which lasted for a long time until Sheryl, forcing herself to clean up the room. After a while of ventilation, she found that Harry was still insi


Pouting in a pettishly charming manner, Sheryl put her hands on Linda's shoulders to pinch them and said with a smile, "We chose the high-speed way just to meet Consuela earlier. But we didn't expect there was a heavy traffic jam."

"Sister." Consuela leaned her head from behind the sofa and smiled at her. Her gaze fell on Harry, who was standing behind her for only two seconds.

But in the two seconds, she felt her body was shattered.

Although she had no feelings for that man, she felt more or less embarrassed when she saw his sudden appearance.

While she was talking, Sheryl let go of her hands on Linda's shoulders and walked towards her. Out of the corner of her eye, she kept looking at Richie beside her.

"Consuela, you have had a good time recently. You've got a lot of flesh on your face. You look happier than before!" The woman teased. The man next to Consuela was still playing chess with his father.

She had an urge to turn his head around to see who the man was.

In fact, she had a general idea of this young man's appearance in front of her, but she found it hard to believe that. She even resisted the idea that how could Consuela get pregnant with this man.

Oh, the man in the room she had found for Consuela was absolutely obscene and disgusting, and he also had a tendency of domestic violence.

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