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   Chapter 236 Visit Parents

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After sitting on the bed for a long while, Consuela finally got up and went to the bathroom to freshen up. After she got everything ready, she went downstairs.

She walked down the stairs and saw the well-dressed man standing at the table with a glass of water in his hand. He was talking to Miranda.

Miranda then smiled and left. When she looked up and saw Consuela, she winked at her and greeted her with a smile.

Smiling at her, Consuela nodded and walked towards the man. Richie put down his cup and grabbed her hand. "Have some breakfast first. I'll ask them to prepare something for you."

"What? You cook for me?"

When he heard her, he wanted to flick her forehead again. "Do you have so many requirements for breakfast? You have been spoiled."

Consuela's mind was spinning fast, but she wasn't able to move as fast as she could. Caught off guard, she just goggled at the man.

"You have to get rid of your bad habit. You hit people when you are not happy."

"Stop it. It's just light. You will know what it means to beat in the future."

Was that a hint to her that he was very likely to have a tendency of domestic violence! His words sent a shiver down Consuela's spine. Her face was as pale as a sheet!

"You are indeed a mental handicap." After looking at her for a while, Richie suddenly gave her a penetrating remark with pity in his eyes.

Consuela was stunned for a few seconds, and then she came to her senses. "Shouldn't you say 'you're an idiot'?"

'idiot is the best way to tease me.'

The man cast a pitiful glance at her and then turned his head away, without saying anything. The disdain in his eyes was obvious. Pondering for a while, Consuela turned around, sat down at the table and began to eat her breakfast.

She had no choice but to be a coward.

The man behind her snorted with a mocking laughter, but she turned a deaf ear to it. She just treated herself as an early bird and began to eat fast.

On the other hand, Richie just watched her eating without saying

Richie who began to be ignorant again. His face suddenly turned gloomy. "What are you worrying about? The nutritious thing in your head is not enough at all. It can only fill with useless stuff."

The funny and angry look on her face made him want to beat her up.

"So you can put it in your head." Snapping out of her trance, she wanted to retort in a loud voice, but she didn't dare to do so.

Richie lowered his head and said in a low voice as if he was threatening, "What?"

It was not like, but really a threat!

Consuela didn't respond. She withdrew her hand from his and said, "Wait a moment. I'll be back soon."

Then she opened the door and when she was about to close it, an arm suddenly reached in just in time to prevent her next movements, and then a leg, the man easily entered in.

He said frivolously, "I've seen all parts of your body. Do you need to cover them up like this?"

With a red face, Consuela turned around and said nothing.

She knew she couldn't beat the shameless man. She just took her clothes and went to the bathroom. However, the man who followed her all the time also came in with clothes too.

Shocked, Consuela asked, "I thought you've already had changed your clothes."

"Let's change together. I just drank water and got dirty," Richie said indifferently.

What an incredible excuse.

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