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   Chapter 231 The Sixth Sense (3)

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The moment was just right. Consuela leaned back a little and knelt on the soft sofa, which made Richie frown. The woman really didn't remember her current state.

She was not afraid that she would fall down and hurt the baby.

He leaned over, put his arms around her waist and asked, "Should I praise your courage or should I blame you for not knowing how to take care of yourself?"

Consuela placed her hands on his arms, her eyes fuming with joy. She pursed her pink lips.

She said in a sweet and tender voice, "No. I just trust you and I know you will take good care of me."

With a smile, he held her in his arms and tapped her nose. "Sometimes I really think that when I meet you, I feel as if I have met a well matched opponent."

Raising her eyebrows, Consuela joked, "Really? Are you serious? Can I be your opponent? It's my great honor."

What kind of opponent could it be? It seemed that it was amazing to be able to become his opponent.

Richie shook his head and sighed, "An opponent of making troubles."

Consuela was rendered speechless

As expected, her excitement went to naught. How could she be so eager for his good words?

Richie patted her downcast little head and said, "Get up. Go upstairs and change your clothes. We're going to attend a family party today."

Then he put both of his hands in his pockets and went upstairs. He seemed to be sure that the woman would do what he said.

If one day she just turned around and left him, perhaps it would take a long time before the man noticed her leaving.

Could such a humble figure really be suitable to follow such a high-profile person in the crowd? Was she really willing to be a pawn in her life?

Obviously she was very reluctant to do that.

Consuela was taken aback by the idea. She raised her head and saw the man standing on the staircase with a wicked smile.

They made eye contact. She didn't know if there was a fire in the eyes, but it seemed a little em

ople on the table put down the tableware slowly and looked at Consuela and Richie.

Upon hearing this, Consuela was so stunned that she almost spat the juice out of her mouth. Luckily, she knew what kind of place this was and managed to hold back her laughter.

She lowered her head, so that everyone would think she was shy. Only Richie who was sitting beside her knew that she was in a bad mood now.

Right then, his foot under the table was kicked hard by the young woman's fist. He immediately grabbed Consuela's hand which was resting on her laps and gave her a gentle pinch to remind her.

Richie turned his head and looked around before he smiled at his grandfather, who was waiting for his answer.

"Grandfather, you should know that a wedding ceremony is not only about the place, but also about a proper time. I've arranged the place. Now I just wait for the child to be born. Now, after the child is born, we can let Consuela enter in wearing a wedding dress."

While speaking, he leaned over and rubbed her head with his head. "I don't want her to have the sole marriage in her life with regrets," he said with a smile.

When the others cheered up, only Consuela was still in a daze. She took her feet back and raised her head to give a little chuckle. Then she saw a smirk from Wendy.

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