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   Chapter 230 The Sixth Sense (2)

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As the spring passed, the heat in the early May had begun to rise. Consuela poured water on the flowers with a watering pot.

They lived a simple and uneventful life, and didn't have to worry about anything. The child in her belly grew up day by day.

Sometimes, he would kick her belly and stretched himself. Sometimes, Consuela would touch her belly and count his movements in detail.

Her relationship with Richie seemed to come to a dead end. She forced the man to a corner, and he did not want to come out, which made her a little sad.

He was getting busier and busier. Sometimes he came back in the early morning, but fortunately, no matter how late it was, he remembered to come back, instead of waiting for her to catch adultery in the act.

"Mrs. Richie, the flowers won't be able to withstand so much water," Just then, the watering pot was taken away by someone all of a sudden. There was tension in Miranda's voice.

After a few seconds of silence, Consuela slowly stood straight and looked at the flowerpot in front of her. There was a bitter smile in her eyes.

She turned to Miranda and said, "Sorry, I was somewhat absent-minded just now."

"Mrs. Richie, can you tell me what's on your mind?" Miranda sighed as she waved her hand and quickly got out a lot of water.

It was not a good thing to keep depressed like this. She had done a lot of things that were wrong because of being distracted.

Raising her eyebrows, Consuela pondered for a while and said, "I'm telling you the truth. Please don't get angry. I can't tell you about this matter now. You're too unreliable."


After teasing her, Consuela was in a better mood.

She was not in the mood to water now, so she went to her room. She turned on the TV, but before she could change the channel, a familiar face came into her sight.

She was chewing grapes. Suddenly, she was so shocked that she even forgot to spit out the grape seeds. She choked and coughe

ment on the TV. The commercial would kill her time. Out of boredom, Consuela turned the cushion around impatiently, with her eyes narrowed.

Otherwise, she would tell him what he needed to do when he came back tonight.

No matter how Richie cared about her, she couldn't just go with him. After all, her parents were really worried about her future.

Besides, the attitude of Harry towards her was quite unusual.

After being beaten that time, he should be disgusted at the sight of her, but last time when he saw her, he also reminded her to be careful.

Although his tone was not so good.

He had come back early this evening for no reason. Consuela had just finished watching a TV series when she heard footsteps coming from behind her. "Mr. Richie is back," Nancy greeted.

Consuela turned her head around and bumped into the man's abdomen. The man's muscles were so tight that she felt a sharp pain in her nose.

So she gave a hiss. When she was about to lower her head, her nose was rubbed gently by a cold hand. She raised her eyes and looked at Richie's deep eyes.

There seemed to be a smile.

"Why do you want to see me so urgently?"

"I'm just wondering why you came back so early today." She leaned backwards a little and got out of his arms, massaging the tip of her nose.

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