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   Chapter 229 The Sixth Sense (1)

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Richie wasn't considerate, but he wasn't careless. At least, he had never treated her badly, not to mention giving her the best.

He didn't treat her specially. He just thought that it was right to serve the young mistress of the Ye Clan in this way.

In the first place Consuela heard what Richie said, the two of them were still in a stiff relationship, and she couldn't help but burst into laughter.

The man asked, "what's so funny?"

Consuela rolled her eyes. She was so clever and obedient, which was totally different from what she had suffered before. With a smile, she said, "I'm very lucky to be Mrs. Richie."

Her words infuriated Richie, a man who would never listen to explanation and trust, and always believed that she was the one planned everything.

But it was rare that he did not satirize. Instead, he lifted his thin lips in a good mood. His voice was cold and magnetic, accompanied by the exquisite eyebrows and eyes, like a young devil in the world.

"You should feel lucky that you got the position easily and you know that there are so many women in L City who want to take this position."

The corners of Consuela's mouth twitched. She really didn't want to talk to this man anymore. He would force her to believe what she had said and what she would do next!

But she was not a woman with eloquence. She did not like to talk to people who were on her guard.

Therefore, they stopped talking naturally.

There was a knock on the door. Consuela finally came back to her senses, still holding the clothes in her hands. Then, the voice of Miranda came through the door, "Mrs. Richie are you done there?"

As she was unable to do things as fast as she did before, she changed into her clothes and said, "yes, I'm leaving now."

When they arrived at the hospital, the nurse at the consulting desk led them directly to the top floor. After Cassie greeted them, they changed the clothes and walked into a spare room.

"Get the things ready and get started to do the exam

he woman who had driven Richie mad had come back.

Fear, like the vines wrapping around the chest, constantly tightened. It made her feel uncomfortable.

On their way back, Consuela silently stared at Miranda, who was sitting in the passenger seat. From the rearview mirror, she saw that Consuela looked absent-minded. As soon as she turned her head, she heard Miranda speak.

There was a hint of threat in Consuela's calm voice. "Don't tell Mr. Richie anything, if I know, you will take the consequences by yourself."

Stunned for a few seconds, Miranda was about to reach the mobile phone which was put on her laps and said, "Mrs. Richie, don't worry. I won't tell him."

In case that her words would ruin all her reputation, she turned her head and made a gesture of keeping silent in front of her.

"Mrs. Richie, don't worry. I will be very tight lipped."

The corner of her mouth twitched. She wouldn't believe her. It seemed that she was the only one who told him where she was in the first place.

"That's good."

But she just nodded calmly and then put her eyes on the phone again.

She almost forgot how she got the photo. At the moment when she got the photo, she suddenly felt that the woman in the photo was Angie, and there was no resemblance at all.

Indeed, the sixth sense of women was indeed powerful.

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