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   Chapter 228 Bring Him Home

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After the meal, Richie took him to a cobblestone path with a faint yellow light along the way, and the afterglow of the moon.

"It doesn't look like a restaurant. It's more like a tourist industry,"

Richie raised his hand to tuck the messy hair behind her ear, and said with a smile, "This place is used for viewing. I put the cooks here just in case of any emergency."

It was typical of rich people.

Behind the quaint house was a developed hill. The wind was blowing heavily, and the leaves were blowing loudly. A kite was tied on a tree at the top of the hill, which was as big as two men's arms surround.

The wind blew him up into the sky, but he just couldn't break free from its string. The moon was above it, and the cold moon shone on the colorful kite, making it elegant.

Richie stood behind her and smiled, "We can fly a kite after our baby is born. When he or she grows up, we three can come here to play."

Consuela stood with her back to him. The man put his hand on her shoulder. The warmth went from her shoulder to the limbs, which made her feel a little scared.

Actually, she couldn't see the face clearly and didn't look into his eyes. He was never credible, but she dared not and didn't want to read his eyes now.

"I'm looking forward to it." Consuela nodded and answered in a low voice. Her voice was so soft that the wind blew into the air and floating to the distance.

She really looked forward to it, but she didn't know how to express her feelings.

Perhaps she was like a kite was tied by the other end of the line so that it couldn't fly away, and all the burden was that the tree, which had confined her freedom completely.

But if the line was broken, she would have no idea what kind of future she would have. She had to face difficulties every time she took a step forward, and she couldn't find someone to confide in.

Consuela was undoubtedly a conservative person. She didn't want to confront the unknown or get into any new life, but she didn't want to live a life like this now.

The man suddenly low

dex finger and paused on the number.

There were only two days left.

Someone knocked on the door at this time. When she opened the door, she saw Miranda. She said with a pleasant expression, "Mrs. Richie, Mr. Richie ordered me to accompany you to the hospital for checking your health. Can you go now?"

Looking at the serious expression on Miranda's face, Consuela couldn't help but burst into laughter. "Miranda, what irritated you?" she asked.

The obedient look on Miranda's face didn't change a bit, but the corners of her mouth twitched. She looked helpless and said, "Mr. Richie has arranged for someone to teach the rules. Those who fail will be fired."

In order to stay in the villa, Miranda had worked very hard, which led to the result that she was obedient now.

"Thanks for your hard work." Consuela raised her hand and wanted to touch her head, but since she was tall, she didn't touch it. Quickly, Miranda lowered her head.

For a moment, she was really satisfied with Miranda's appearance, which made her feel that the world became so strange. She answered quickly, "I'll be there soon after I change my clothes and take the last note."

Then she turned around to look for clothes for going out.

Every month, she would take two to three pregnancy tests. Richie was too busy to accompany her, but he would ask someone else to accompany her.

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