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   Chapter 227 Birthday Gift (2)

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A gust of wind blew over, and the fragrance of the dish permeated in the air. Consuela couldn't help but swallow as she smelt the fragrance of the dish.

Before she came here, she had eaten a few pieces of bread that Emily had made for her. But now she felt a little hungry only by the smell of the food.

Out of expectation, her stomach was always like a bottomless pit.

Richie raised his thin lips and skillfully added spices to the food. He was cooking, and did the most amiable thing, but that superior momentum still hadn't dissipated, which made her feel pleasant to watch.

This man looked as if he had escaped from a famous painting.

Of course, if he didn't say anything, the beautiful appearance could be assured. "If not a full table, you won't have a little concern, right?"

"New memory, new you." Said Consuela, blinking mischievously.

In fact, the noodles cooked by Richie were not delicious at all. They seemed to be made with some original ecological eggs and vegetables, and hand-made noodles were difficult to give out a certain smell.

In her eyes, the man who had the best cooking skills was Baron who was graceful in the living room and skillful in the kitchen, smiling and proud.

If she had to comment on Baron only once, he would be a prince of the middle ages, handsome and unrestrained, with noble temperament.

And it seemed that he had fallen in love with Debbie like a fairy tale.

"Did you think of another man when I cooked for you? You're a clever woman, aren't you? "

A sullen voice interrupted her thoughts. She jerked her head back and saw the man's chest.

He placed a dish on a nearby table. It seemed that the dish was a bit burnt.

Raising her head, Consuela looked into the man's eyes and smiled innocently. "I was just thinking about what happened between Baron and Debbie. They are a perfect match."

"It's none of our business. Besides, don't miss him." Richie seemed to be satisfied with her answer. He n

s were allowed. But now he looked like a playful fox, but it was not too obvious. But his slanted eyes were so attractive.

Even if he went bankrupt one day, he could find several rich women to help him rebuild again.

When Consuela was a little full, Richie put away her bowl and chopsticks. He smiled to her unsatisfied eyes and said, "Don't be hurry. We have ample time."

Consuela retorted, "Liar! He's a drunken man, and he's usually very busy. There's still a lot of time for him to spend with me?"

But he completely ignored the accusation of her eyes. He tidied up the things neatly, and his movements made him just look like a standard househusband.

If it wasn't for some external factors and the evil thoughts of Richie, she might have been looking forward to the marriage that lasted forever.

But now, maybe she could only look forward to it. Such a man, was qualified to do whatever he wanted, but she was not qualified to teach him.

Because it seemed that he hadn't told anyone about her real identity. The outsiders might know that he was married, but they would never know who his wife was.

People might make up a lot of rumors about her. They said that she was well protected by the man who spoiled her, or that she was out of favor that he would feel ashamed to put her in public.

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