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   Chapter 225 The Love Suit

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It was a cloudy day. The clouds pressed down, making it hard to see each other's face. Only the weak warmth suggested the existence of each other.

Raising her lips, Consuela said with a smile, "Are you going to ask me something else??

Her lips rubbed against his chin, which made him feel itchy.

He raised his head and stopped kissing her forehead. Then he looked at her with his beautiful eyes.

"Why do you think of me as an unscrupulous person?" He asked with a faint smile, his eyes, eyebrows and brow all carrying a kind of alluring color, which invisibly made her flustered.

She raised her hand and wiped her pink lips with the back of her hand, as if trying to hide something. Her lips immediately turned red as if they had been stained with blood.

"We have lived together for such a long time. If such a little ability of observation is not good, it is really a pregnancy idiot for three years."

"Only silly people can have a happy life."

Richie raised his hand and stroked Consuela's head. Her hair was in a mess. No one could see through his mind.

'The most annoying thing is that he does not want you to know his true feelings, but his expression says that you can guess what he is thinking. You will be rewarded if you guess right.'

"The wind seems to be growing stronger. Let's go back to the room." Raising her head again, Consuela felt a lump in her throat all of a sudden. After she sat up straight, she looked at the heavy clouds nearby and said abruptly.

Seeing her behavior, the man suddenly smiled helplessly. He turned and walked to the front of the person, hugged her up, and asked in return to distract her attention.

"Do you like to use the weather and other factors as an excuse to escape from reality?"

Furrowing her eyebrows, Consuela said in a serious manner, "Not exactly. It's just that it happens sometimes when I don't want to answ

e edge of the bed. He rubbed his chin and raised his eyebrows as if it was a pity.

"Fortunately, my genes are strong. I'm not afraid that you might have IQ impact on the child."

Consuela glared at the man with her burning eyes. She wanted to give him a good kick as if she could beat him to a pulp. However, the man escaped her attack with a smile.

"Since when I can't even tell the truth?"

"Bullshit! This is absolutely a rumor!"

However, Consuela didn't realize that ever since when he had become so humble in front of her. She was good at the things that she didn't dare to do before.

The reason why she did so was that Richie spoiled her so much.

"I don't want to argue with you anymore. Go to change your clothes. I will take you out for dinner tonight."

"Where are we going?" Consuela slowly got out of bed, put on her bunny slippers and walked towards the bedroom where her clothes were put.

Her clothes for going out were placed in different places from her usual clothes. Although she was pregnant now, Nancy was not careless about this matter.

Richie took out a loose suit for her, and said with a smile, "let's go to a good place."

This gray suit was much the same as the clothes of Richie, like the clothes of a couple.

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