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   Chapter 224 Matters Of The Mu Clan

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In Mu's house, Adriana was sitting on the sofa. Her legs were covered with a thick fur blanket. Her face was pale as a sick person.

The atmosphere was depressing. Everyone was in a bad mood.

"The Mu Clan never intended to sell our daughter for money. No one in our family forced you to get a divorce in the past. But now you want to divorce him?"

When Adriana's father spoke of anger, he accidentally dropped the cup and the hot tea on the bare skin of Mrs. Mu's leg.

But she didn't dare to scream out in this situation. She could only grit her teeth and stand aside, blinking her eyes and making small moves to Adriana.

When this man was angry, others didn't ever dare to provoke him again. Otherwise, the consequences will be generally ugly.

Just like last time, he had slapped Adriana on her wedding.

"No matter what you said, I will divorce anyway." Adriana was sitting on the corner of the sofa and listening with her head down. All of a sudden, her smile disappeared.

But she finally couldn't help but show her true self to him. No matter how hard she tried to control her desire, she still had an inexplicable pride in her heart.

As if everything she did was correct and no one else could interfere with it.

Her father was a soldier. He was always heartless and always took care of his children with his fists. Even in front of his daughter, he showed no tenderness.

"No matter what you say now, you can't divorce. What do you want to do to embarrass the Mu Clan?" Standing up, Mr. Mu looked down at his daughter Adriana with flames in his eyes.

He had already been in a state of anger, and no matter how others persuaded and admonished him, it was useless.

Adriana's mother's heart broke at the scene. Between the father and the daughter, one was raging, the other was stubbornly unwilling to yield.

Suddenly, she only felt a little headache. How did she end up wi

her lips.

She looked up and saw the man's face, which was very close to her. The man was holding a crystal grape in his hand. Consuela didn't know where he took the grape, but it just touched her lips.

"What are you thinking about? Are you so obsessed that you even forget me?" Richie looked at the woman's dumb eyes, raised his eyebrows and said jealously.

Consuela knew that he was just pretending to be calm. Smiling, she set her mouth on the grapes.

But the man seemed to be making fun of her. He suddenly withdrew his hand and let her watch the grape filling. He ate it, not enjoying it.

"Childish!" She pouted her lips and wanted to say something, but she couldn't do anything about it.

The corners of his mouth curved upwards. She was totally fascinated by the beautiful smile on his face. As the wind blew, a few strands of mint fragrance came to her nostrils. He said in a joyful voice, "Yes, you are so childish."

"For your self-awareness, I should give you a reward."

Richie chuckled, lowered his head and put his thin lips on Consuela's forehead. With a touch of smile on his face, he said warmly, "If you don't know what reward you want, I will help you figure it out."

Consuela didn't know how to respond. She just blurted it out.

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