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   Chapter 223 Terence Liked You

If You Want Me By Qing Cha Characters: 6594

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Consuela wrote, 'Have you sent a message to another person?'

Adriana, 'No, I'm looking for you.'

In the quiet living room, only the tapping of the keyboard could be heard. She laughed out loud. After that, she started feeling that something was wrong.

What was the point of asking her for help? She didn't talk much with Terence in the class, and even if she wasn't close to him. So he wouldn't tell her even if he ran away from home.

Well, he ran away from home?

When this message popped up in her mind, she was taken aback. Immediately, she texted back.

It was not long before she received the exact reply from Adriana, "Terence is missing. He has already handed over his work to his assistant. I called him many times but he didn't answer and didn't reply my message."

She spoke out all the words in one second and typed too fast. She typed several words wrong and then changed them after a second.

After a moment's reflection, Consuela raised her hand and texted back. "You should call the police or find a private detective. You don't need to talk to me."

Her words were reasonable, but in the eyes of the woman with red eyes, she always felt that Consuela was partial to that man who had left.

Adriana still remembered that last time when she was in the ward, she was frightened by the way he looked at Consuela. Consuela had already been pregnant with another man's baby and might have already gotten the marriage certificate, but hadn't held a wedding ceremony yet.

However, the man's intimidating gaze made her feel uncomfortable, but she couldn't just kick down the ladder at that moment to ask Consuela to leave.

The whole process of their getting along with each other was a heavy burden for her at that time. For one moment, she felt that she was about to go crazy because of jealousy.

She had protected that man for so many years. She had pestered him for so many years, but it turned out that he was lost in another woman in


Thinking of this, Consuela couldn't help but think, 'This woman is really annoying. She makes me believe her when I don't believe her. Then she began to change the subject. She is so fickle'.

She picked up her phone on the table. There was no missed call or message. It was empty, which made her feel at ease.

She didn't know why Adriana would be so worried. She thought that once Terence left, he would definitely contact her. In her eyes, this was really not what Adriana should do.

'bad news travels fast. Aren't you afraid that I will spread it out like a gossiper?' she thought?

Or was she fearless because she had already found a way to deal with them?

But no one knew what happened next. The story between Adriana and Terence was so complicated that it seemed to be a gossip.

They were a newly married couple. But when Adriana was sick, it was her brother who had accompanied her. It was not until her brother passed away that Terence came late.

Although he acted very carefully and considerately, it was not difficult to find out that his attention had not been paid to Adriana from beginning to end.

The smirk on her face wasn't evident. It wasn't because she was too weak to see anything. She closed her eyes to block the light, and her head was in a mess all of a sudden.

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