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   Chapter 222 Discharging From Hospital

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Time was ticking by. With six months approaching, Debbie was finally able to leave the hospital. She was now confined to her wheelchair.

When Consuela arrived at the hospital to pick up the woman, she saw that after all the procedures had been completed, Baron was squatting down and talking to the woman. He wore a pair of large sunglasses, and the dimples on the corners of his mouth were partly hidden and partly visible.

The woman in the wheelchair stared at the man in front of her and asked him to poke her dimples with her finger.

Then, while she was in a daze, she raised her hand and patted Baron's head with obvious smile in her eyes.

Baron didn't get angry, and he was indulgent to it. The posture of squatting was not obscene at all. It was true that a man with good leg and temperament was like a picture whatever he did.

Consuela got out of her car and walked in the right direction. Debbie raised her head and greeted her, while complaining, "What a mean man! He insisted on eating noodles without anything for my first meal. What a jerk!"

Amused by her angry look, Consuela covered her mouth with one hand and said, "I think the doctor has already told you some dos and don'ts. Now you can just live as a nun for a few days. When you get better, you can eat anything you like."

Looking at Baron's receding figure, with a hint of smile on his face, he pushed Debbie towards the parking lot and said, "Well, it seems that you are outnumbered."

She was talking to Debbie. The sunglasses on his face made it hard for others to guess what she was thinking. But there was a slight smile in his voice, accompanied by a gentle wind, which made her a little drunk.

A dash of envy flashed through Consuela's eyes as she quickened her pace to keep up with Baron and Debbie.

No matter what they were talking about, their banters always ended up with a doting smile on their faces.

It seemed that he would treat Debbie like this for the rest of his life as l

a bowl of noodles with vegetables was a different taste.

When he went out of the kitchen with the other dishes, Consuela couldn't help but praise him. But looking at his face, she didn't know what to say.

She had better be a silent spectator.

After the meal, she stayed in her room for a while. When she saw that Debbie had fallen asleep, she stood up and asked for leave. Then, Baron was pushed out and sent Consuela off.

When he was fasten the seat belt, Consuela smiled and said, "At first, I didn't think you had a crush on her. But now I believe you."

The corners of Baron's mouth twitched and he did not speak. It seemed that he did not deny or laugh at her recognition.

When Consuela came back to the villa, she watered the green plants as usual. Then she stayed in the study for a while to watch TV.

Suddenly, a person's sent message to her. Startled, Consuela pressed the button to pause the movie and opened the small chatting window.

Upon seeing the name Adriana in the note, Consuela was confused.

Adriana, 'are you on line?'

She asked the same question all the time. After getting Consuela's message, the woman immediately replied.

"Do you know where is Terence?"

Looking at the questions, Consuela couldn't help but burst into laughter! Well, how could she know where he was?

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