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   Chapter 221 What Can Make A Woman Uneasy (2)

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It was sunny at four o'clock, neither too hot nor too irritable. The sunlight shone on people's body, only making them feel warm. The flowers in the garden were well taken care of, and they were fully blooming.

A gust of cool wind blew out of the window, blowing off the long hair that she had randomly spread out at the back of her head. Her hair was stirred in the air, stirring up the curves of the upper part of her hair, making her look like an affectionate woman.

"I know what I said is not related to your exact answer. But how can you say I am completely wrong?"

Raising her head, Consuela looked at the man with a brilliant smile on her face. She joked, "Men who quarrel with women and win, like you, are usually lonely for life."

The man seemed to be amused by her lively expression, and the corner of his lips also cracked a subtle arc. The smile just happened to be right, and the fascinating lines of his face were washed by the sunlight.

He was like a fairy coming from the heaven to disturb her, an ordinary person. How unfair she was.

"You really don't want my massage?"

"Are you really not going to tell me the truth?"

Consuela was silent. She lowered her head and put on a smile when she raised her head. The smile was vivid, making him feel that she was very capricious and lively.

She was much better than before, holding a book and reading it for a whole day.

In a trance, Richie seemed to understand the meaning of her question and asked, "why do you feel no sense of security?"

The woman didn't expect him to answer her question. She just wanted to give herself a chance to prove her ability.

She just wanted to tell him something in her mind by the way.

"In my eyes, a woman's uneasiness may be due to the unstable love." Biting her lower lip for a short moment, Consuela smiled and said, "And between us, maybe I am afraid of your change of heart."

Because she had always been in a weak group, and everything was under the control and monitor of this man. No matter what she wanted to do or what she could do, she had already been appraised by this man.


At this moment, Consuela couldn't agree more.

There was only one dim light on. Half of his face was bathed in the light, and half of his face was hidden in the shadow. His thin lips were slightly closed with a layer of water, and high bridged nose was carved out perfectly by the light.

He seemed to be looking up some books, with the subtle breath of two people and subtle turning pages in the air.

Then he suddenly smiled and said gently, "If you wake up, go downstairs to have dinner. Nancy has called you twice just now."

Embarrassed, Consuela scratched her head and said apologetically, "I'm sorry. I fell asleep well just now."

The coat covering her body followed her action to fall on the floor covered with a blanket. Stunned for a moment, she quickly bent and picked it up.

Then she heard the man's footsteps coming close. When she picked up the clothes, the man said jokingly, "and you owe me a massage."

Suddenly, Consuela wanted to beat herself up. He changed the subject all of a sudden. She couldn't find a better excuse.

She had never learned massage. She just wanted to deal with him. She had waited for him in the study before, but she felt guilty, so she chose to sleep.

However, she couldn't show it in front of this man. She shook his suit jacket and put it on the place where she had lain just now. She blinked and said, "I'll do it whenever you're free."

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