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   Chapter 220 What Can Make A Woman Uneasy (1)

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At four o'clock in the afternoon, Richie threw down the work. Regardless of the painful expression of Tim, he left alone. When he slapped people, he didn't forget to send a sweet date.

"When you get through this recently, you will take a long vacation."


Tim didn't believe his words. Last time when it was at the end of year, he was as busy as animals, then Richie pretended to be very generous and told Tim that he would take a holiday later.

Actually, he had taken the vacation, but before he was completely immersed in the comfortable atmosphere, he got the phone call and said that he had to deal with something important, so the holiday ended in this way.

Nor did he have a chance to have another one again.

Later, for this kind of words, he just listened but didn't believe.

Richie hurried back, did not let the driver drive. Instead he sat on the copilot to speed up to the direction of the villa. He wondered what Consuela was doing right now.

Thinking of what happened this morning, he was somewhat unhappy. Some things were not straight forward, and others could not tell what she was thinking.

He probably wouldn't be able to wait for the woman to open her own mouth, so he had to make the first move to let her speak out the dissatisfaction in her heart.

There had been a lot of things happened recently, and it was impossible for him to take everything in consideration, so he could only choose to deal with them first if he was interested.

Suddenly, a question popped up in Richie's head. "Do you really want to spend the rest of your life with her?"

The car was running fast. But when the question popped into his mind, the man lost control and stepped on the brake. His body leaned forward because of the inertia.

The other car behind his car didn't expect that he would suddenly stop. The driver turned the steering wheel and drove away from the original road. Looking at the car, he wanted to curse but didn't say anything.

Most of

bottom of the matter, people would get along well with each other." Consuela said after a pause.

He was trying to hint Richie that he should not ask about something just because he knew the answer. He was too stupid to get the right answer from others.

"Okay, let's change the subject." With an exaggerated white teeth, he asked, "then why are you difficult with these days?"

The breakfast this morning was an individual breakfast. She turned around to avoid him when he went to bed with her yesterday. And she was lukewarm towards him these days.

Every move said to him clearly that this woman was not in a good mood now, but he had neglected it. It was not until now that he began to realize the sign of that time.

She lowered her head, deep in thought. She was afraid to meet his gaze. His dark eyes were bright, and he could pretend nothing had happened.

Sometimes, she envied the man who was so cheeky. It was daunting, but he just kept the distance between them.

He could pretend that he was fine, but she couldn't.

"What do you think can upset a woman?"

Richie answered in a realistic manner, "No money, no house, no car, in the absence of capital, but still have an unreachable dream."

Consuela took a deep breath to calm herself down.

What he said was true, though it sounded reasonable.

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