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After returning to his office, he sat down in a European style leather chair and pressed his tired forehead with his hand. How could it be so easy to deal with those old foxes.

It would not be easy to cover up a heavy loss for them.

Suddenly, an idea occurred to him. He grabbed his phone from the desk and unlocked it. He saw the message was sent by Consuela.

Without hesitation, he replied "OK"

After replying the message, his mind was in a mess suddenly.

Now, Consuela had successfully fallen asleep, with a book covering her face as usual. Beside her, there was a thin blanket covered by the caregiver, Miranda.

It was nearly may. The weather had begun to warm up. The summer air only got hotter and hotter when it was summer. Besides, Consuela's baby could not be born until autumn.

In the afternoon, the sun gently shone down on her face, making her wake up from her dream. The book that she had put on her face had been left on her chest.

The book with a layer of shiny golden edge was ravaged by her.

The first thing she did after she became completely sober was to check on her cell phone. She wanted to know what the man wanted to do.

If he started the meeting just now, she should have given enough time.

The man's brief reply caught her attention. It was a simple one, but there was only one word. Looking at the simple word, Consuela pursed her lips and frowned at it.

She didn't know what else she wanted to get from him. Would it be interesting to be rejected?

When she asked herself in the bottom of her heart, she felt that it was not like what she thought. She just felt that the recent relationship between the two people was a little tense. His answer only made her feel perfunctory.

She put down her phone with one hand propping her head, and stroked her belly with the other. They had a baby now.

'There is nothing to be afraid of. I'll see what will happen, ' she thought.

This kind of mentality was somewhat fickle, but it was also the most reassuring moment for her at the mo

hat the curtain had been pulled open, and that woman was not beside him. There was a mint green convenience post on the bedside table beside him.

There was a group of words written by Consuela on it, which read, "I'm going out for a walk."

It was a simple sentence, not letting anyone know what was on her mind after writing down on the convenience post. But what would let him know was that she was not in a good mood.

The words on the convenience post were written with some force, so the handwriting penetrated the back and felt the uneven touch.

Richie raised his hand to cover the sunlight directly into his eyes. He put back the convenience post again and then got up to wash and go downstairs.

When he went downstairs, he happened to meet Miranda. After a short pause, he asked, "Have you seen Mrs. Richie?"

Mrs. Richie? She got up just now and was going to water in the garden. She didn't see Mrs. Richie at all. So she shook her head honestly.

When the man was about to say something, a light flashed in her mind. "Mrs. Richie has prepared breakfast for you by herself."

Richie was stunned, and his eyes were completely cold. "You let a pregnant woman go to the kitchen to smell the oil and smoke?"

Miranda kept silent. "... I saw the breakfast on the table when I passed by the living room just now. But Mrs. Richie is gone."

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