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When she saw the message, she immediately stopped browsing the Twitter.

The picture Mary sent was very blurry, dim and the angle was not caught well, so it could be seen clearly that the two were tangled.

The man in the photo forced a tall woman into a space in the corner where his arm was supported. He lowered his head slightly.

The woman's hair fell on the man's arm. She extended her hand as if to stop the man from approaching.

It was a place where light couldn't be seen. And it was hard to see the expression on their faces clearly.

But when she stared at him without saying a word, all of a sudden, Consuela felt a little sad and it spread from the top of her head to her feet.

There was only a few days ago. It was exactly the time she went home that day.

Her phone fell onto the floor all of a sudden. She propped up her legs and buried her face in her lap. Suddenly, her trousers were soaking wet. The light salty water made her look energetic.

He smoked that day furiously because he was unable to contact her at night, or because the woman in the photo resisted his actions.

But he didn't want to hurt that woman, so he just let all his bad emotions affect her?

The more she thought about it, the more uncomfortable she felt. She exhaled a mouthful of air and moved her ass to the bedside. She held the bed with one hand and picked up her phone.

Then she sent a message to Richie, but he didn't reply for a long time.

She took out her phone and checked her silly questions——

'The baby is almost six months old. When do you have time? Can you accompany me back home?'

In fact, for her, it was a complete understatement. But she didn't know why the man didn't reply to her. Maybe he was busy.

She took out her phone and waited anxiously for a long time, but he still didn't reply her message as time went by.

After half an hour, she raised her phone's volume and got out of the bed to select some books in

y a few people responded to him. As they had expected, Richie raised his eyebrows, and said to Tim, who was presenting the financial deprived app beside him, "go and count it out. Who else wants to stay in the company and work hard?"

"Okay," Tim nodded.

Then the man stood up and said, "excuse me for my absence."

He didn't bother himself to deal with the mess anymore. He patted on Tim's shoulder and said, "I trust you."

A trace of despair could be seen in Tim's eyes. He thought, 'But I doesn't believe myself.'

However, Richie left casually, leaving him alone to deal with a group of board members.

When Richie walked out of the meeting room, he saw Mary standing on the corridor waiting for him. He pulled his tie and said, "go and make a cup of coffee for me without sugar."

Handing the document in her hand to him, she nodded and said, "okay."

Looking at the man's tired eyes, she wanted to share something but couldn't get his trust.

Most women would be controlled by their feelings. If they liked someone now, they might devote themselves to him. But when they later found that no matter how hard they tried, they could not get any reward. Then their revenge could be regretful for a lifetime.

He knew the affection in her eyes but he couldn't take it as a response.

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