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   Chapter 216 Encounter With An Old Classmate (3)

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Consuela shrugged her shoulders with a helpless smile. She didn't know what to do with the girl next to her. Terence had been asked to buy food not long ago and now only the two of them were in the ward.

She was leaning against the headboard, with a infusion bottle on her left hand. Raising her eyebrows, she looked a little confused. It was rare for Consuela to see such an expression on her face.

"What happened?" Consuela asked as she poured herself a glass of water.

The woman in the bed seemed to avoid the topic. She stretched out her empty hand to scratch her hair into a chicken nest shape. Then she said to her friend in a coquettish manner, "I'd better not to say it."

As she met the other people's gaze, Consuela shook her head with certainty. After reading the words "no way" on her face, Debbie recovered a lot of vital energy and began to speak slowly.

While Debbie was talking, Consuela scanned her from head to toe. She was bruised all over her body and in plaster. Luckily, her face wasn't covered with any scars.

When Debbie told her all the things, Baron just came back. He slightly frowned when he saw the two women who were chatting happily with each other.

The man walked into the ward with the things in his hand and spoke in a slightly raised voice, making it easy for others to recognize the smile in it. He said, "didn't you say you were hungry just now? You really have energy at this moment."

"It's not a big deal to have a chat, but it depends on who you talk to." Debbie retorted back without any weakness. The man rolled his eyes at her retort, grimacing in pain.

They stared at each other like nobody else was present, which made Linda feel envious. Perhaps it was because they really loved each other.

Otherwise, in the car accident, Debbie would not try to turn the steering wheel so as to reduce the damage to him, while Baron would not ignore the crowded air bag and wanted to hold her in his arms.

But unfortunately, no matter how well she was protected, De

so the husband who had been certified by the Civil Affairs Bureau.

After she received the message, she hesitated, not knowing whether she should send the photo to Consuela or not. The baby was about six months old, so she was afraid that it would be a little impact for her?

"Why did you bite your nails? Don't you know it's dirty?" The man shouted at her. He couldn't stand this anymore.

Debbie had a bad habit. When she faced something she didn't want to or couldn't deal with, she would particularly bite her nails.

Looking at the woman's eager eyes for help, he sighed, "What happened to you this time?"

After she told him what had happened, Debbie raised her head and asked, "What should I do now?"

"Send them the pictures," said Baron in a relaxed tone.

The woman stared at him, and he explained with a smile, "You've already told her everything, but now you want to cover it up. It's not good for the development of the matter."

The seriously injured patient began to burn the bridge after crossing the river. "Why don't you go to the press conference today?"

He didn't want to see this woman who didn't care about Emily at all and even tried to push her away. He opened his mouth slightly, "I'm on leave with an injury."

Debbie nodded casually. Then she found out some blurry photos and sent them to Consuela.

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